Manuel Marsilio, General Manager CONEBI, speaker at Symposium on the Future Networked Car

Vodafone, a new player in the bicycle industry

Retail insights and trends: Internet of Things


Delivery-eBike Companies anticipate the ongoing food-trends of late

Cold season is here. So are winter bike tires!

Accell’s Sten Van Der Ham: ‘Bicycle trading is more than just selling a bicycle.’

Did you know.. Waterways can be the solution for traffic and pollution?

Are you ready for the belt?

Did you know.. It is already possible to cycle on water?

Billy Yu (SRAM) ‘We have chosen for Taichung Bike Week, not Taipei Cycle Show’  

Align: simple, functional and (in)visible

Did You Know: The Hydrogen Bike Is Making Serious Advancement 

What do you think?

The focus of e-bike manufacturers should shift more towards India

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