Did you know.. Waterways can be the solution for traffic and pollution?

February 8, 2018

Did you know.. Waterways can be the solution for traffic and pollution?

Startup SeaBubble is aiming to become the Uber on the water!

A few weeks ago, life around the Seine in Paris was turned up-side-down. The water reached a level that was never seen before. This caused restaurants to close their doors, all the tour boats to be docked and the gangways of the houseboats to be lifted out of the water. Inhabitants of the surrounding areas had to transport themselves by rowing boat. But in the near future, there might be a better solution: the SeaBubble!

Last summer, the first prototypes of the SeaBubble were tested in the waters of the French river. The eco-friendly, weirdly-shaped and zero-emission vehicle can be the future for high-traffic areas located around water. Paris is a city that fully fits this description. That is why the major of the city of love was an early supporter of the project. His support was the main reason why the developers of this innovative vehicle chose this city as their starting point.

The great minds behind the SeaBubble are French yacht-enthusiast Alain Thébault and Swedish windsurfer Anders Bringdal. They believe that the pollution that is caused by global traffic problems are not only threatening the worlds welfare, but also the freedom of mobility. They thought that using waterways as a more common way of transportation would be the most logical solution. Especially if these rides can reach the same speed as a car in the city center.

The SeaBubble is built with materials that are also used in the aeronautic industry, which causes the vehicle to be extremely light-weight. Because of this, the Bubble will start ‘flying’ above the water when reaching a speed higher than 12 kilometers an hour. This does not only generate less friction, it also helps to prevent any seasickness for its five possible passengers. The two small electric engines are charged by solar energy and can move the vehicle with a maximum of 30 kilometers an hour.

The startup is aiming to become the Uber of water taxis. Fast and relatively cheap transportation through the major cities in the world, that is something everybody would sign for. Therefore SeaBubble will definitely not stay exclusively in Paris. Thébault and Bringdal already have plans to expand to cities as London, Geneva and New York.

But besides the short-term plans for these cities, the guys behind SeaBubble have ambitious longer-term plans. In five years time, they want to be fully integrated in the transportation systems of 50 countries spread across the world, and be a part of people’s everyday life. If this vision becomes reality, it will totally change city traffic and at the same time contribute to a better environment. SeaBubble has got all the potential to make this happen.

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