4 bicycle Kickstarter projects you should know of

Since 2009, Kickstarter has been funding projects in pretty much every industry you can imagine. The cycling industry is no different, hundreds of campaigns raised money for bikes, lights, locks, tools, and accessories since Kickstarter got started. Here are 4 innovative projects that have put Kickstarter to good use in their pursuit of being successful.

Halfbike II

The core driving mechanism of a classical bicycle redesigned into a completely new experience. The Halfbike is ridden standing up, like a Segway. Halfbike is a vehicle which trains your reflexes and balance in a new way. Its cool design and innovative approach to cycling lead to a whole new experience which is sure to motivate users to go out and have fun by being active.

It has a three-gear hub, which has been designed to make the vehicle "easier to ride and more user-friendly" than the previous single-speed version.

Exergia under-cover: The bike umbrella

Nothing is more of a barrier to cycling than bad weather conditions. And probably the best way of dealing with this problem is to wear a rain suit. However, taking it with you in case it might rain isn’t ideal. Not to speak about putting it on in the rain. Also, during exertion, you can get pretty hot underneath it. The German inventor Thomas Schmidt has come up with a strong alternative. A combination between a poncho and umbrella, which is mounted on your bike.

This invention, called the Under Cover, is attached to the bike’s down tube so that it does not move along with the handlebars. As it extends out over the bars in front and back of the cyclist, his/her body is protected from the downpour. The head goes through a collar and into a hood which is attached to the rest of the Under Cover.

Connected fibre bicycle

The creators of Vanhawks Valour have designed the first connected and smart bicycle which gives riders directions as well as alerts to prevent them cycling into dangerous situations.

The bicycle uses ultrasonic sensors to detect objects in the blind spot of a rider and sends alerts via vibrating handlebars when it detects a threat – a security feature that according to its designers is a first.

The carbon-fibre-frame was designed specifically for urban commuters and uses a bluetooth connection to use the GPS of your smartphone, relaying turn-by-turn directions to the rider using LEDs built into the handlebars of the bike. An hour-long bike ride will fully charge all electronics on the bike.

Lumos, a bike helmet evolution

Lumos is a bicycle helmet that takes safety to a new level. Featuring integrated brake and turn signal lights when turned on, it helps you to more effectively communicate your intentions to surrounding traffic.

But how does it work? The remote is mounted wherever makes the most sense for your bike and riding style. The Lumos helmet will automatically pair with the remote whenever you are near it. This way you can simply indicate where you are going by pressing the remote, making you more visible in traffic. Lumos also senses when you slow down, triggering a braking light at the back of the helmet.