5 E-scooter Companies To Keep An Eye On

The e-scooter business is booming right now and more people are getting interested in acquiring an e-scooter. Among them are the ones involved with sustainable development, and people who love the technological innovation surrounding the e-scooters. We at Bicle had a look at the five e-scooter companies to watch in the next years.

Obviously, it’s hard to make a selection of which are the best companies for e-scooters. We had a look at the few companies that have been mentioned a lot over the last year, but also the companies that have been innovative in technology and manufacturing.


MotoTec is an American company based in Wisconsin. The company focuses on the manufacturing of personal vehicles for the recreation and transportation of people since the year 2009. Their products both offer gas and electric drives vehicles, but have been growing with their e-scooter business.


Uberscoot is a global personal transport vehicle that has been around for almost 20 years, and in doing so, revolutionizing the industry. Their fourth generation vehicles are dealing with the newest technological innovations and manufacturing techniques which they have been doing in their factory since the year 2006. But they alway have a thing at the core: fun for the people driving their vehicles.


Glion is an electric scooter company that was founded in 2015 and is located in Nebraska, United States. They thrive at the idea that scooters are not only fun to use, they can be very practical too and be a means of transportation. They describe it as follows: “The Glion Adult Li-Ion Battery, Dolly-Fold Electric Scooter is simple, reliable, clean, quiet and built to last.” They don’t have a complicated message, but let the products speak for themselves.


Segway doesn’t really need an introduction, because the name is quite famous. They have been market leader of innovation of personal vehicle transportation since 1999, and have changed the face of that particular form of transportation ever since. The electronic mobility of their vehicles have always been at the core of their philosophy and they have continued to do that.


Xiaomi was founded in 2010 by serial entrepreneur Lei Jun, who believes that high-quality technology doesn’t need to cost a fortune. That’s what the official website states about the company. The company does produce more than just e-scooters, but the electronic vehicles are the product that caught the attention of the public. They have the ambition to expand from a big Asian market to a global market in the next years.


Uscooter is a company that knows how to brand itself: “The Uscooter is the premier electronic scooter leading the push toward a new era of urban mobility. With zero emissions, this light-weight, fully foldable electric scooter is a commuter’s dream.” It’s a very popular company because of their Uscooter, which is so accessible and easy to take with you. Simplicity is their key to success.

We at Bicle would love to know if you what you think of the e-scooter as a last mile trend. Which brand is your favourite and why is it your favourite? Let us know in the comments!