You Can Now Control Your Bike With Your Heartbeat

Nireeka’s smart bicycle adjusts its assistance to your heartbeat

Electric bicycles are perfect if you need some extra support during your ride. It doesn’t matter if you’re too tired to cycle or if you’re just not in the mood for physical performance, an e-bike will give you help whenever you ask for it. But still, the person who is controlling the amount of assistance is you. What if your bicycle will automatically adjust the amount of assistance to your needs, without your interference? Nireeka does exactly that. Let Bicle introduce you to a new revolutionary smart bicycle.   

Extremely succesful on Indigogo

CEO Max Shojaie is leading the Los Angeles based company Nireeka. Together with COO Younes Shojaie and CFO Yahya Al Hashemi, it is the aim to make smart electric bicycles affordable for everyone around the world. That is why they launched Nireeka as a project on Indiegogo, and not without succes. At the moment, they already raised more than 1.5 million dollars, 2612 % of their goal. Currently there are three products in their portfolio: the Street, the Street +, the Homie, the latter of which is also available for the European market.

Nireeka bikes are well equiped

All of the models are made with a Carbon Fiber Monocoque Frame, which makes the bikes very light. The 36v Bafang rear hub motor provides the Street with 250 watt, the Street + with 350 watt and the Homie with 500 watt. All the models have a 40 miles range in full electric mode and 50 miles in assist mode, with a limited top speed of 20 miles per hour. With Shimano as the supplier for all the gears and CUBE for the lights, these bicycles are top notch.

Heartbeat-assisted smart e-bike

But the real magic of the Nireeka bicycles is in the Heartbeat assistent. When activated, the bicycle measures your heartbeat and adjusts the level of assistance to that beat. The more tired you get, the more assistance the bicycle delivers. The corresponding app can tell your direction, speed, temperature, location and much more. It also automatically unlocks your bicycle when you’re approaching it and activates the anti-theft system. Your smartphone can simply be fastened on the handlebar. The bicycles even come with built-in USB ports, so that you can charge your phone on longer trips.

Whatever kind of cyclist you are, Nireeka’s smart electric bicycles will amaze you. If you are cycling through urban areas or on rougher terrain, these bikes will be sufficient. Because even though Nireeka isn’t really a downhill bike, its performances are pushed to the limits during many tests and proved it to be very strong. The Heartbeat assistent will do all the thinking for you, so you can just enjoy your ride. Is your heartbeat already raising because of enthusiasm?