Did you know.. A bicycle repair ‘delivery’ service already exists?

MyBike will repair your bicycle whenever and wherever you want

We all love cycling, don’t we? The joy of being on your bike, surrounded by nature, will empty your head every single time. But while we all go for those special moments in which you feel one with your bike, not all of us are enjoying the technical part of our precious hobby. Flat tires, broken chains, you name it. Damages and technical issues are always unwanted and repairs can be rather time consuming. MyBike aims to take all of these struggles out of your hands, with their ‘delivery’ repair service.

Love for innovation

MyBike is founded by André Jaramillo. André has successfully set up several traditional retail chains in the past. Being in the bicycle industry for over 20 years already, he as earned his marks by working together with major brands as Trek and Cannondale. But more importantly, he loves innovation. Jaramillo wants to ensure that people don’t have any excuse to leave their bikes in the shed. Because besides the fun part of cycling, he believes that cycling should be the future, with an eye on the environment. That is why he started MyBike.

All a stranded cyclist has to do, is download the MyBike-app and make an appointment. This will only cost him ten seconds. A truck or van will come to the desired location and your bicycle will be fixed while you are working in your office or cooking your family dinner at home. The trucks are fully equipped with all the spare parts, accessories and mechanics you can imagine, so that new parts can be installed on the spot.

Easy to use app

Users of the app can choose from four different types of service. First of all, the basic service. This includes inspection of the frame and the damper, the cleaning of the frame, gear- and break calibration and a bicycle test after the check-up. General service is the second option, which is more extensive. Besides the basic service, this also offers full adjustment and lubrication of the hubs and the central axis and a more thorough cleaning.

The full service includes everything mentioned before, but also the disassembly, cleaning and lubrication of the complete traction system, a comprehensive external cleaning of the frame and the components and a complete ring alignment. As you can see, MyBike can offer customized service for every kind of cyclist, whether you’re an amateur or a professional.

At the moment, MyBike operates around cities in the United States, México, Panamá, Colombia and Equador; Madrid has been chosen to locate their European headquarters. But by delivering this kind of professional, thorough and flexible service, MyBike definitely has the potential to expand and go worldwide. Especially with a passionate founder as André Jaramillo.