Accelerate Business With Bicle: The E-Mobility Networking Platform

Bicle is a digital platform that allows professionals in the E-Mobility industry to have a social network and build business connections. Bicle is an innovative state-of-the-art Human 2 Human (H2H) online platform. We make it easy to share your unique stories, build your network and learn from each other. covers all aspects of E-Mobility from electric automotive vehicles, light electric vehicles, e-bikes and E-Mobility services up to electric planes. Users can engage and contact one another through blog posts and daily talks, as well as the option to upload a social profile.

  • Integrated social networking: through business linking and personal content sharing
  • Business insights: through short, high-impact content, films, animations and infographics
  • Social interaction: covering everything from chatting, daily talks to interactive polls

All of this is supported by an expert, in-house creative team, on hand to help customers creating targeted campaigns in a variety of ways for a global audience.

Bicle is born digital. Find us everywhere on the internet. Enjoy, next to our website and newsletter, our extensive social media presence. Get inspired and join our fast-growing community today here!