Automatic Transmission For E-Bikes Will Make Your World Smoother

The world is starting to get used to the idea that e-bikes are something of the present and the future. It’s not a quirky invention anymore, but something that is sustainable and quite frankly is going to change the world. E-bikes have been around for quite some time, but the technology is changing every day as well. In this article, we at Bicle had a look at the automatic transmission in e-bikes.

Automatic transmission is a type of motor vehicle transmission that can automatically change gear ratios as the vehicle in question moves. There’s no need for human involvement in gearing as opposed to the manual transmission, where human interaction is required. The game has changed with the automatic transmission in e-bikes and we’ll look at a few advantages of it.

Advantages of Automatic Transmission

The advantages are quite noticeable if you look at the automatic transmission in an e-bike:

  • Opposed to the regular bike, where you have to step up, the e-bikes automatic transmission doesn’t need a step up. You can gear up anytime you want with this technological implementation.
  • Furthermore, the cyclist doesn’t need to think of when you need to gear up. The e-bike thinks for you and eventually, also gears up for you.
  • The comfort in such e-bikes is bigger. You will worry less and it makes the e-bikes adaptive to the surrounding. When you ride in an urban area, one’s likely to stop a lot. With the automatic transmission, the riding comfort stays quite the same in those areas.
  • Looking at safety, this will help you as well. Because of the fact that the bike gears up or down for you, you can focus more on your surroundings, which can improve safety. Another thing concerning safety is that the bike also gears down when you are slowing down or even if you need to stop.
  • It’s good for motor efficiency as well. E-bike Portal writes the following about this advantage: “Almost all the automatic gear shifting systems are made with rear hub gears. Therefore, the motor is almost always on the bottom bracket (that is, between the pedals), and therefore acts directly on the bike transmission. Motors of this kind, in order to work efficiently, should be used at 60 to 80 RPMs. An e-bike with automatic gears helps the cyclist to stay within that optimal range; a motor which works in an efficient way is less demanding of the transmission and consumes less, helping you go further with each charge.”


The e-bike with automatic transmission can be used for a variety of different ways of riding a bicycle. You can use it in urban environments, but also in sporting environments or for cycle tourism. It’s quite multifunctional in the usage, which led us to believe that this part of technology will grow in the future.

What do you think of automatic transmission in e-bikes? Is it beneficial for the development of e-bikes for the future? We at Bicle would love to know your thoughts on this! Leave a comment down below.