Basil shows its innovative side with their new product-range

Basil is doing well, when it comes to innovation, with their stylish new products. In a conversation with Jossie Hunting, Marketing Manager at Basil, Bicle got to see some of the new product-range. We moreover talked about the future of mobility and how Basil is already adapting to that by some clever innovations.

In 1976 a woman walked into a bike shop. She wanted to safely ride her child on her bike. The owner of this family company, founded by the Van Balveren family already in 1934, had her made a special seat. This meant the start for ‘Basil’, a contraction of Van Balveren and Silvolde (a Dutch village). 40 years later, - in 2016 - to celebrate its anniversary, Basil re-issues its first cane seat. Currently, Basil is bringing out new products that clearly show that the company is not just looking back. Hunting states that ‘’on the one hand we build on our long and rich history. On the other hand we talk with our customers, which brings forth our latest collections.’’

Nordlicht Technology

This combination of looking ahead, without losing your heritage results in several new product-lines every year. In 2017, Basil developed waterproof bags. In 2018 the e-bike perfect line came out, and for 2019 visibility is the central focal-point for their new collection. This resulted in the flagship B-safe Nordlicht. The name may sound familiar. ‘’People who know Basil will immediately understand the reference to the classic Basil Nordlicht dynamo’’, Hunting states.

Nordlicht not only refers to that dynamo, it also represents a new technology we use to provide our bags with additional light to enhance visibility and safety.’’ The new bag is equipped with a LED-strip that is placed over the bag’s length. Furthermore, the bag can host a power bank to charge your phone. A third feature is the click-on system, which makes it possible for the owner to click it onto bike’s baggage carrier – nicely hidden in the bag, but easy to handle. Lastly, the bag is developed to prevent theft as much as possible: the zips are neatly hidden, making them almost invisible to the naked eye.


According to Hunting this bag is the result of listening closely to the customers demand, combined with the latest trends and Basil quality, making this bag ‘’ideal for commuting’’. It must be said that the LED-strip on the bag functions as an addition to the already existing bike-light and is meant to increase visibility. 

Future of mobility

We asked Hunting how Basil sees the future of mobility, because it is imaginable that in ten years, cycling could change drastically into a wider category of mobility, of which LEV is a good example. Hunting states that ‘’it is indeed imaginable that the future of cycling moves into a direction which will change drastically change a bike. At Basil our core business is providing accessories for bikes, but if the market is indeed changing towards that direction, we will be flexible. I think that every mode of transport is in need of accessories to enhance the joy of riding. It is that joy Basil offers their clients.’’

For instance, Basil anticipates on the latest e-bike trend with the e-bike perfect line. These consist of cases for batteries, (mid-range) motors, and displays. They are waterproof, light and compact, easy to install and easily removable, and is theft-proof.

Disruptive collaboration

But what may be even cleverer is their latest collaboration with a Taiwanese baggage carrier manufacturer Massload. Together they developed the ‘open source’ all access MIK-system. This system is built in such a way that everybody can easily use this. The system can be built in cycling bags and baskets, and enables the user to click its bag on and off in one simple motion. A requirement, however is that the carrier needs to be provided with a MIK-profile.

That’s where ‘open source’ comes in. OEMs are able to equip their bicycles with a MIK-profile, making the profile a new standard in the market. The system has just recently been introduced, but growing fast already. Top brands like RieseMuller, Ghost and Giant are using it and also other big brands have confirmed to use it in next seasons. It is an instant success. The goal is to serve customers as best as possible with a new click-on system that works on every bike, making riding not only more enjoyable, but also more convenient. Due to the ‘open source’ mentality, the MIK-system is not just clever, but also disruptive in the market.

Future proof

Basil brings to market adjustable bags, an e-bike perfect line, and an open source click-system. With these innovative products and collaborations, Basil seems to be future-proof, without losing their rich heritage. On the contrary, they are really adding to it.