Batterytester: One e-bike battery tester for all e-bike battery brands

Batterytester can test different e-bike battery brands like Bosch, Shimano and Yamaha etc.

Why a Batterytester?

First of all for providing service. Batterytester is the only device that can determine the diagnosis of an e-bike’s capacity or internal resistance. E-bike producers also supply certain software to the retailers where the battery’s BMS can be read out. With this software it is however impossible to determine the battery’s capacity. A battery needs a certain load in order to determine the e-bike battery’s capacity. This is done with the Batterytester.

The Batterytester is very easy to operate and the final test result is easy to understand and to explain to the customer. E-bike battery technology is difficult enough, using Batterytester is easy and everyone is able to test an e-bike battery.

Secondly, with the help of a Batterytester, the bike shop can use a test report to determine the exchange price of an e-bike. The value of the battery forms a huge part of the overall e-bike price: No more bad buys!

Thirdly, no more endless discussions with the customer. Batterytester makes a judgement about the e-bike battery’s capacity. The bike shop is also supported by the Battery test report and it is easier to sell a new e-bike battery.

Finally, a Batterytester can help the bikeshop and the e-bike (battery) producer in solving warranty issues.


Batterytester has been active in the e-bike industry for some years already. Although based in The Netherlands, Batterytester started off in Switzerland with the company Flyer. In the beginning the Batterytester was only able to test e-bike batteries of the Flyer e-bike batteries (Panasonic). Today, Batterytester is the most universal e-bike battery tester in the market. The Batterytester comes with a universal test cable making it suitable for tests with e.g. Bosch, Shimano and Yamaha batteries on just one device. In addition to that, the user can select cables and adapters for the e-bike batteries which he or she would like to test. This makes the Batterytester unique.

Sample of test report by Batterytester

Increase of e-bike sales leads to more problems with e-bike batteries

Everyone knows that e-bike sales have been booming over the last few years. The battery remains the most crucial and forms an expensive part of an e-bike. And with more e-bikes on the road, chances of battery failures increase.

Especially for smaller bike shops providing that service is becoming increasingly important. And that’s where the Batterytester comes in necessary. Some bike shops implement the Batterytester as part of their service strategy. Incoming e-bike batteries are tested when an e-bike is sold to a customer, and in the various service intervals. In this way the complete life cycle of a battery is known and a bike shop owner can advise and predict when their customers need to invest into a new battery.

Efficient Electrification

We believe that batteries should be tested where they are used. Today many e-bike batteries are still being shipped from bike shops to e-bike producers and e-bike battery producers and via versa. We all talk about the big advantage of electrification and the climate agreement. With the use of a Batterytester in the entire e-bike battery chain (bike shop – e-bike supplier – e-bike battery producer) this will lead to improved efficiency, less costs, less danger (transport of instable batteries) and finally les CO2 exposure. In other words: efficient electrification. Test locally – send the report digitally to the supplier – feedback – action!

More information

More information about Batterytester can be found here: Products can be ordered directly in the webshop.