Bicle at the Taichung Bike Week 2017

From the 17th to the 20th of October, the city of Taichung is the host of the Taichung Bike Week 2017.

A record breaking amount of approximately 461 brands present their newest OEM products to the industry. For one week, the Splendor, Evergreen, Tempus and Lin hotels are the playground for thousands of buyers and vendors. Bicle is present and offers you an overview on a selection of events at the Taichung Bike Week 2017 on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and

On the early morning of the first day, Bicle shortly spoke with Stella Yu, director of Velo. As one of the most powerful women in the bicycle industry, Yu spoke about the importance of digitization of her company and the rest of the industry. Although Yu is a veteran and the Internet, Facebook and Instagram are not really her cup of tea, she and her daughter Ann are planning to go the digital way in the coming years.

With Ron Hout, responsible for export at Hebie, Bicle spoke about the future influence of the automotive industry in the bicycle industry. Hout believes that big automotive companies, that may still be totally unknown to the bigger public, do have the financial resources to make the transition to bicycles. Already in 1990, Hout spoke about this process with representatives from Volkswagen. “A certain switch can be very lucrative, since the average margin on cars is approximately 2%, while this can easily be 16% to 19% on bicycles”, Hout says.

Otrajet introduces several new products during the Taichung Bike Week. One of those is its new line of burst-proof and inflation-free tires. Special feature of these tires is the slow wear. After 5000 kilometers, the profile on the tires decreased only by 0.1 mm. Therefore, the tires will last for approximately 25.000 kilometers, which is equal to 50 years of normal usage. Besides these tires, Otrajet developed a new shock absorbing material. With that, they want to enter every industry in which it can be useful, starting with the sports industry. Plans are already made to produce helmets, knee protectors for motorcycles and leg protectors for soccer and hockey. Otrajet is also working hard to enter the European market, which until now has been kind of hard. This is caused by the advantage that well-known brands have in Europe, despite the quality of Otrajet’s products.

Twelve years ago, Piet van der Velde developed the idea of the Taichung Bike Week, together with Steve Fenton. During this edition, van der Velde introduces his new company, Ere Research. Currently the product line consists of six different types of tires, and will be expanded with other products based on body contact points with a bicycle. But it is not the product that makes Ere Research special, it is the philosophy that does. The company is built around the idea that the design of products and packaging, product names, and the brand should be in perfect balance and tell a common story.

The last word is not yet said about these stories, you will definitely read more about them in the future on Bicle. Stay in touch with Bicle’s different channels during the coming days, to learn all about the developments at the Taichung Bike Week 2017.