Bicycle Trade shows are changing, but still relevant

Ever year our calendar is stuffed with trade shows. From Europe to China, and from Taiwan to the US, trade shows are everywhere and keep the industry moving. Brands present their latest products in the coolest ways. People meet, do business and network. Visitors watch the latest products with complete admiration. The media write, film and report everything they think is news-worthy. In short: trade shows are part of our industry's foundation.

Changes in the bicycle industry

But this industry is changing. New players and phenomena disrupt the field. Trade shows organizers are doing a great effort in keeping shows relevant to the industry by making changes in date, look and concept. So, one the one hand, things are changings. But on the other hand, the fact that people and businesses can physically meet is still highly valued! 

The biggest trade shows and events worldwide

The biggest bicycle trade shows are considered to be: 

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At Bicle we see that, that's why we make an effort in attending the shows that really matter to our industry. We make daily reports where we try to see the show from a meta point-of-view. We try to spot trends, see where our industry is heading and what its future of the bicycle will look like. We also started with 'The Bicle Business Show', where we invite brand representatives to come talk about their company, new products or their vision on the future of our industry, for instance. Last season, we had the honor of Miss Stella Yu of Velo Saddles staring in the show. So, if you want to know all about the trade shows and our industry, don't miss out on Bicle!