BMW Is Launching A New E-scooter Later This Year!

Watch the BMW predecessor of the Micro for BMW E-scooter, the X2City, in this clip!

We all know BMW. It’s one of the most famous and biggest German car manufacturers. Last year BMW Automotive Group (that is: BMW, MINI, Rolls Royce, BMW Electric and BMW Motorrad) sold 2,490,664 units worldwide. That is a big number, obviously. Now, BMW AG is stepping up their game even more with the coming of their new electric scooter.

Not A Virgin

When it comes to E-scooters it is not their first. January 2019 BMW Motorrad launched the X2City, a rather clunky and big looking thing when comparing this to, for instance, the slim looking Lime E-scooters. However this E-scooter meets all the latest safety regulations in Germany. In Europe, Germany is one if the first countries that has actual regulations regarding E-scooters. According to Germany's Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer Germany ‘’want(s) new, modern approaches to environmentally friendly and clean mobility in our cities. E-scooters have enormous potential!"

Collaboration Between BMW And Micro

Not only the minister sees a huge potential, BMW does as well. Fore months later, in April 2019, they announced a new Electric scooter. This time it aesthetically more pleasing and more in line with how other E-scooter brands design their E-scooters. This E-scooter is the result of a collaboration between BMW and Micro, which may be the reason why it looks so neat. BMW is a great(!) car manufacturer but this is a different ball game. The collaboration with Micro seems to be a very fruitful one so far.

Premium Design

Let’s check out the scooter and see what’s under the hood. Let’s go to the specs first. The E-scooter is equipped with a 150W motor and two Lithium-Ion batteries neatly stowed away and good for 12km (7.5 miles). It only takes two hours to fully charge it. Top speed is 20km/h (12 Mph). It has two separates brakes, which in dense urban areas is necessary. With the outer appearance BMW has gone for a high-end looking E-scooter: the matt-black finish and the BMW propeller logo make it look real slick. You could say that BMW went for a premium design, not only in specs but also in aesthetics.

Kids Scooter

Besides the Electric scooter a kids scooter is coming to the market. It is equipped with a seat so it’s much easier to balance. This seat can be removed when the kid grows older. Also the handlebars can be adjusted to height.


Time To Market

Both the BMW E-scooter as well as the BMW kids-scooter are expected to be launched in autumn 2019. And rumor has it that the price point will be between 120,- EUR for the kiddy scoter and around 800,- EUR for the Electric scooter.

With the Electric scooter BMW is really stepping up their game and it looks like a smart move to collaborate with a manufacturer that is already in the Light Electric Vehicle business. Let’s see if this product can live up to its promises in autumn.