“Shiny FL”, high beam and low beam for cyclists

BÜCHELs product news for the model year 2020

Standard in cars for over 100 years now, with bicycle lighting still the exception: high beam and low beam. "Shiny FL" is the name of our new LED headlight with high and low beam function, which is operated via a pressure switch that can be easily attached to the handlebar. When high beam mode is switched on, the switch lights up blue with the symbol we’re all familiar with from the car.

The LEDs used come from Osram and give the headlamp a luminous intensity of 60 lux in low beam mode and 100 lux with the main beam switched on, as confirmed by German test institutes. The headlamp is suitable for e-bike drives with a voltage of 9 - 48 volts and is supplied with a light, robust aluminium holder. Like all LED bicycle lights from BÜCHEL, the Shiny FL is also StVZO approved.