Chain-less Bicycles Are Probably Going To Be The Future!

When we use the word innovation, we tend to think of the development of new products or design. We think of inventions and new concepts, but that’s only 50% of the story. Innovation can also apply to older inventions which have gotten better by new ideas or concepts. We at Bicle wanted to talk about a certain project called the Chainless Bicycle project.

The Chainless Bicycle

As mentioned above, the idea of the chainless bicycle is not new. There are reports of Hildick Chainless Bicycle Gear as far back ad 1898. So what is so special about the chainless bicycle that it deserves a mention? In contrast to ‘regular’ bicycles, this chainless bicycle does not make use of a chain. It transmits the power to the driven wheel through a mechanism other than a metal chain.

There a few examples of how a chainless bike could work. A shaft-driven bicycle, a belt-driven bicycle, a hydraulic bicycle, a hybrid bicycle, rowed bikes and the Stringbike. In this post we would like to focus on a new project introduced to the public last year.

CeramicSpeed Chainless Bicycle

Last year, during the 2018 edition of Eurobike, it came to our attention that the company CeramicSpeed had created a very interesting concept of the Chainless Bicycle. At the time that it was presented, it was still a prototype and some things needed to be improved to make the product any form of success. The frame that came with the bicycle was a special one, so in order to make it less expensive, they need to improve that. Otherwise, it might be too expensive for regular consumers to buy. Last year, Bicle already wrote about this. Read the full article on the CeramisSpeed's Chainless bicycle concept .

Chainless Bicycle, the company

CeramicSpeed is not the only company that develops these kinds of ideas into a product. Another example of such a company is the Chainless Bicycle. Their website says the following about it:

For years bicycles have been running on the same format. Being chained and ridden like any bicycle with no excitement. The Chainless is breaking this cycle and bringing a new breed of riding form to the biking industry. The name says it all, free from chains and giving the rider the excitement and experience of riding again. Chainless is two forms of a bike in one. Changes from being a traditional bicycle to trick mode in seconds. Utilizing modern technology and style unseen before on the road, this is the Chainless.”

Their project is still in the developing phases as they did not get enough of the crowdfunding to fully launch it on the markets. But the idea of releasing a chainless bicycle in this modern era is ever present.

What do you think of a chainless bicycle? Is it something you would use and feel that it would make a difference? Let us know!