ChinaCycle aftermath with Bicle – miniseries – eps. #3

A conversation with Oyama’s Carol Chien, Sales Director, and Dino Lin, Sales Manager

Bicle was present at ChinaCycle 2018, looking for interesting and innovative stories from brands and exhibitors. And not so surprisingly we’ve spotted many of them, which we interviewed during this year’s edition. In the weeks after we will publish a couple of those interviews. Episode #3 of this miniseries of interviews will include Oyama’s Carol Chien, Sales Director, and Dino Lin, Sales Manager. Bicle asked them about the brand, latest developments and the future.

Oyama has a clear vision: don’t just follow the big hypes, go for the long run. The brand was founded in 1966 by Mr. Wang, and started off as a bicycle component manufacturer, but switched to manufacturing complete (folding) bikes years later to compete with the brands he was supplying for. Nowadays, the brand is known for its integrity, quality, and authenticity. And during our conversation with Chien and Lin we learned that these values are truly within the company’s DNA.

When we asked about their USP and main goals at ChinaCycle, Chien stated that ‘’Oyama is a global player that encourages people to start riding bikes and enjoy it.’’ They noticed that there are many people, especially in the Chinese domestic market, that haven’t learnt to enjoy bike riding and therefore don’t ride them. Their solution? Reach out to them and show them how to enjoy cycling! In order to encourage bike riding, Oyama went even as far as building their own cycling park where people can ride. In addition to that, they build their own MTB tracks and an indoor skate park. To top that off, they created their own professional MTB-team that trains and lives on the Oyama campus. They give training to minors, and teach them to ride safely and enjoy it. This absolutely makes the brand authentic.

Their goal is to fundamentally change the Chinese cycling culture by investing time and money in order to contribute to a healthy and happy cycling environment. Bicle wondered if by doing this, Oyama would help the competition as well. Chien explained this as follows: ‘’we want to change the bike industry, so our park is also open to other brands. In order to change, you got to give something as well.’’ According to Chien, the reason Oyama wants to reshape the cycling culture is because they

See that the domestic market is getting quiet, partly due to the economic situation, partly due to the technological developments of late. Kids don’t go outside as much as the used to do. Therefore, we want to promote to the Chinese consumer our new (children’s) bike and educational program. Younger parents in China are more willing to teach their children how to ride.

This shows that Oyama is really focusing on long term solutions, instead of just moving along. This also translates in (almost) not anticipating to the Chinese bike sharing segment. However, Chien explains that this does not mean that Oyama is totally distancing itself from the segment in general:

We do have some clients in Denmark, for instance, but not in China. When we started to communicate with a Chinese bike sharing brand, their specs didn’t match with our quality requirements. We only want to sell high quality bikes, because we feel responsible towards our customers. Bike sharing could be profitable, but it is also a big risk. Right now, it is big business, but we look further than that.

As Chien explains here, high quality and service are important to the brand. It is of course one thing to pursue, but another to actually live up to that standard. Oyama, however, seems to do a pretty good job. This is what makes Oyama a company that has the right to add integrity to their USPs.

Oyama indeed stands for integrity, quality and authenticity. They do things their own way, but always with an open mind towards the customer’s needs and wishes and with a high quality standard. That makes, according to us – Bicle – the brand a special one, which deserves to be in the ChinaCycle aftermath with Bicle – miniseries. We would like to thank you for reading and sharing the great vibes we’ve experienced at ChinaCycle. Do stay tuned to our website and social channels, because the Bicle journey continues!