Did you know.. Cities are getting smarter to provide the ultimate bicycle experience?

Smart cities will make cycling even more fun!

In the highly innovative bicycle industry, technology is changing fast. Bikes are becoming smarter, better connected and high tech products. But it’s not only the bicycle that’s changing; cities are changing just as fast. Smart solutions are found for problems that caused trouble for years. Every city should embrace this mindset, not only to get people moving, but also to solve traffic jams and discourage environmental unfriendliness. To inspire cities around the world, Bicle listed the most innovative projects around.

The Trampe bicycle lift

Already in 1993, the first smart bicycle solution was installed in Trondheim, Norway. The Trampe bicycle lift saved over 200.000 people the trouble of climbing up a steep hill. Cyclists push a button at the bottom of the hill, place one foot on a footplate that emerges to push them forward, while the other foot stays on the pedal. In 2012, the lift got an update. CycloCable placed a new, safer and faster lift, to optimize the experience even more.

Tracking every move

Milton Keynes, a town in the South-East of England wants to make the right decisions about its future cycle infrastructure. That is why they are tracking the cycle paths of all cyclists around. They don’t only track the location, but also the conditions such as temperature, light around the cyclist and the density of the traffic. The technology to enable this is provided by See.Sense, a company that developed a smart bicycle light. With this knowledge, all the right decisions can be made to make Milton Keynes as bicycle friendly as possible.

The green wave

Nobody likes to wait for a red light, especially when you’re on a bike. Utrecht, a city in the centre of the Netherlands, found the perfect solution to this problem. Flo, springlab.nl, is a pole that is installed next to a cycling path. It recognizes bicycles from a 100 meter distance and tells them to increase, decrease or maintain their speed to catch the green light. If a lot of cyclists pass Flo, the pole has the opportunity to make the lights switch to green more often, to optimize the flow. Utrecht is doing a great job with cycling innovations. It recently opened the largest bike shed of the world, with room for 12.500 bicycles.






Cycle super highways

Denmark is building a network of 26 cycle super highways around the Copenhagen - Albertslund route. These highways will cover over 300 kilometers and will massively increase the number of cycling paths in greater Copenhagen. What looks like a costly project, actually financially benefits the whole community. Research has shown that the cycle super highways will reduce public spendings by 40,3 million euros, thanks to improved health. This project kills two birds with one stone, it ensures the city to be healthy, green and without traffic congestions.

Smart cities are the future

With a growing necessity for cycling and an increasing popularity of bikes, cities should adjust their infrastructure to fulfil the high demand. The innovations in Trondheim, Milton Keynes, Utrecht and Copenhagen are perfect examples to achieve this. So cities around the world, let these four inspire you and make your city smart!