Conversion Kits Offer a Serious Option

The electric bike market is growing more than ever and with that growth, we can also see that the products connected to electric bikes are growing too. Within that electric bike market, we can make the distinction between two basic approaches. The first one is to build electric bikes from the ground up, as the products we call e-bikes. The other approach is the approach of conversion kits for regular bikes. This approach makes it possible to upgrade your bike to an electric bike. The new system of Bimoz is a prime example of such a conversion kit.

Conversion kits

The world of cycling is changing. Where in the past electric bikes were so expensive, that it wouldn’t have been possible for people to acquire them, it’s much more accessible now. E-bikes still are quite expensive, so there’s the option of turning your regular bike into an electric bike with a conversation kit. This isn’t the same commitment as buying an E-bike, because you already have your bike that you can convert. The issue with some of the conversion kits is that they are hard to install.

Hub motor versus Mid-drive system
There are several types of conversion kits. Right now, it’s often a choice for people to choose between a hub system or mid-drive system. Before the mid-drive system was introduced, many conversion kits were constructed of the hub motor drive. These have the advantages that they require little to no maintenance, because they are a completely independent drive system. But they are also heavy and only have a one gear ratio. The mid-drive system offers a solution to that. They were designed to improve the disadvantages of the hub system. They are lighter in weight and allow multiple gears opposed to just one as we see in the hub system.           

You now have a proper choice
If you are not yet fully committed to buying an  e-bike, you can acquire a conversion kit which will transform your regular bike into an electric bike. With the introduction of the mid-drive system, you also have a choice between two different types of systems. The hub motor system on one side and the mid-drive system on the other side. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, but they give your more options than before. This can lead into more electric bikes in the future, which we all can benefit from economically, ecologically and financially.

What has more benefits, an e-bike or a converted bike?