Cyclists invent handlebar lights to signal safer future on roads

Winglights360 by CYCL

In 2017 the number of cyclists suffering fatal injuries in The Netherlands was at its highest in ten years’ time. And more than quarter of these victims met their end on an e-bike (CBS, 2017). Cycling safety is a key issue now more than ever, and a promising solution has emerged. 

How to make cycling safer

CYCL, known of its 2017 victory in the program Dragon’s Den, is close to releasing the latest evolution of turn signals for bicycles. The company states that they wanted to address the issue of dangerous overtaking, and therefore introduced a possibility to constantly highlight cyclists’ position on the road. This is established by inserting two lights in the handlebar of the bike. The idea to use white (front) and red (back) lights at the end of the handlebars to communicate the bike’s exact dimensions originates from what we can see with motor vehicles already.

Multifunctional lights

By adding lights to the side of the bike, its width becomes more apparent, allowing drivers to better estimate the rider’s exact position. This in turn will prevent dangerous overtaking situations.
The permanent white and red position lights can be turned into flashing orange turn signals by tapping the lights. So not only will the Winglights360 help in dangerous overtaking situations, but also when it comes to indicating turns.

Design features

All nice and well you may think, but CYCL has perfected their design even more. The Winglights360 are fully sealed, making them resistant to water. And because of the CNC aluminum these lights will keep on working even after you slam you bike on the ground. The lifespan of the batteries is 3 hours in continuous light mode and can be easily recharged by USB.

Due to the smart design, the lights fit all straight handlebar dimensions (14.7 mm – 23 mm). CYCL is currently working on a versions for other handlebar models such as the dropbars you typically see on racing bikes. The lights are applied by a rubber which expands in width until you get the right fit for your handlebars.

Kickstarter success

CYCL is currently in the pre-order phase and has scheduled the official release of their product on November this year. The company is currently funded for almost 550%! So, are you looking for an easy solution to increase your cycling safety? Then be sure to check out the Winglights360.