Cyclotron Bike: the world’s first fully integrated bike

If you thought electric bikes are modern, you are wrong. The Cyclotron Bike takes a few extra steps into the future, or as its designers say: “this bike will change the future of cycling.”

All areas of our life are progressing and evolving in a rapid pace. New inventions are outdating the ones from yesterday. But looking at bicycles, they haven't evolved with nearly comparable speed within the last decades. Surely there have been plenty of new developments, but most of them only focus on a specific part of the bike. The Cyclotron Bike jumps the gap. Packed with loads of innovative features and fully connected by the so called Cyclo-App.  

Large amounts of patents and features

Through a kickstarter-project the company has attained the required budget to start the production. Its designers have checked on a stunning 15 patents during a three-year design period. This combination of innovation makes the Cyclotron Bike truly unique.

Literally everything is integrated, such as the wires and cables. This results in enhanced aerodynamics, no more dirt exposure and a clean and clear look. The bike is made of a space grade carbon fiber composition, which makes it rigid, stiff & lightweight at the same time. What immediately stands out are the spokeless wheels. With this the Cyclotron safes up spikes within the wheels for extra storage. How this works in practice remains to be seen, but it surely is interesting! The designers have announced different possibilities to be placed within the wheels, which you can add and remove to the bike when needed. These so-called Utility Slot Modules are still in development.

Futuristic looking technology

The lights of are toggled by the Automatic Light Sensor, that switches them on/off according to the current daylight situation. This tremendously enhances your visibility when riding in traffic or on roads with no public street lighting and does so with a futuristic look.

The Cyclotrons lights are powered by a self-charging Li-ion battery pack which lasts for more than 8 hours without engaging the internal dynamo. The Cyclo-App notifies you when battery is low, so you'll never run out of power. This app also keeps track of your performance, giving you insights in your overall speed etc.


Source:Tech Force


User customization

The Cyclotron Bike features two different riding styles which can easily be toggled:
- Sport: very streamlined and low-profile for optimal speed and performance
- Comfort: more relaxed and upright for cruising and better comfort.

The company also decided to introduce your own way of customizing the bike through the ‘Creator Store’. Making a user-based innovation pool which is unique.

We are very curious about how the Cyclotron Bike functions in practice, what its price will be and how it is received by its users. Once we know more, we will surely inform you on everything that we know about this futuristic and innovative project.