Are More Governments Supporting The Purchase Of eBikes?



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Move to any of these countries and get a subsidy on your e-bike!

Many people have heard about the advantages that electric bicycles have to offer. But despite their knowledge about the speed, environmental friendliness and the minimal effort it takes to ride an e-bike, there still is one big disadvantage that nullifies all that positivity. We’re obviously talking about the price. Many people can’t afford to buy an expensive e-bike, and therefore stick to their non-electric bicycles or their cars. But there are governments around the world that aim to give those people the help they need by offering subsidy on the purchase of electric bicycles.


Where to get your e-bike?

In October of last year, the Swedish government offered its inhabitants a 25% refund on the price of their e-bikes. The capital city of Norway, Oslo, offered its residents 1200 dollar to buy a brand new electric bicycle. In the Netherlands, the government introduced great tax advantages for entrepreneurs who are willing to buy electric vehicles. And in Scotland, the government made 1.3 million pound available to stimulate citizens to buy an e-bike.

All great developments of course. But there is only one country that can be the leader in the subsidy-rankings. Already in February of 2017, the French government offered a 200 euro refund for everyone who purchased an e-bike. But last year, they even took it a step further. The French people can now get 400 euros for their e-bike purchases, 600 euros if they are interested in both electric and conventional cargo bikes and 400 euros if they intend to upgrade their conventional bikes with electrical assists. This gesture proved to be the perfect fit, because the French bicycle market exploded after the introduction of these measures and grew by more than 90% in the following year.

These plans are of great support to the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo. She wants to have all diesel cars banned from the city in the year of the Winter Olympics in 2024, which they organize, and a total ban on gas-powered cars in 2030. That is why the city government even offered 600 euros for residents who want to get rid of their personal cars.

How good is your French?

If you’re lucky enough to live in a country where the government already stimulates its citizens to buy an electric bicycle, stay right where you are. But if syou’re jealously watching your French pen-pal on his brand new subsidized e-bike, you now know where to go.

La seule question qui reste est: comme c’est bon parlez-vous Français?



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