Did you know.. In 2020 you can cycle on a Harley-Davidson?

Motorcycle-giant Harley-Davidson will be entering the e-bike market

A peaceful ride on an electric bicycle through the beautiful nature that your country has to offer. It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Harley-Davidson. Most of us will think about tough, bearded men, wearing leather vests while riding their loud motorcycles. But Harley-Davidson’s new strategy might change our perception of the brand forever. During the coming years, one of the biggest players in the industry will be expanding its portfolio to be able to offer something to almost everyone.

The reason behind this new strategy is the worldwide drop in sales of street motorcycles. For Harley-Davidson specific, worldwide sales dropped significantly compared to the same period last year. Because of the increased sales of other motorized two-wheelers like scooters and dirt bikes, the drop didn’t hurt the total industry as much as it did hurt Harley-Davidson.

That is why the focus for the next couple of years will be on electric mobility. The first big step was the introduction of Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire, their first full-electric motorcycle, which will be available across Europe and the USA in 2019. A bike without gears, that has the power to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 3 seconds from the moment you turn up the gas. It might be criticized for its limited range and fairly high price, but as the first product in the electric portfolio it’s a big step towards more affordable electric motorcycles.

On Harley-Davidson’s special ‘future vehicles-page’, the brand is showcasing the vehicles of tomorrow. Newer, better and faster models in existing product lines are shown, but also completely new two-wheelers can be found on that page. For example, the first ever electric-powered balance bike for kids, so that parents can introduce their children with motorcycles from a very early age. But also the very first Harley-Davidson e-bike, which will be introduced in 2020. Light, fast and designed to shine in every urban environment. Great efforts from a well-appreciated player in the industry to connect a new group of people with the brand.

So have you always been dreaming of riding a Harley-Davidson? And did you just never take the opportunity to get your license, or were you always a little afraid of hitting the road on a real motorcycle? In a little while all that won’t matter anymore. When Harley-Davidson’s e-bike will be available, riding one of these iconic vehicles will be within reach for everyone. So grow your beard and start cycling in 2020!