Did you know.. Cycling over water can feel the same as cycling over land?

Red Shark’s water bicycles are everything you have ever wanted

Cycling on water isn’t new from a conceptual point of view. If you have ever been to Amsterdam, you definitely will have noticed the boat-like ‘bicycles’ on the water. With a pair of paddles on each side, it is the perfect vehicle for tourist exploration. But it’s not the real deal. It does not have the same look and feel as a normal bike. Red Shark’s water bicycles do have that very look and feel. Bicle spoke to the founder and CEO of Red Shark, Josep Rubau, on Interbike 2018.

From a personal story, to a neat design

The idea to start Red Shark is a personal story. Josep grew up in a small village close to Barcelona, where he soon discovered his three big passions: family, design and bicycles. Cycling was always a great outlet while designing for big automotive and other brands. The beautiful surroundings of the Costa Brava were the inspiration to bring the cycling sport into the water. But it wasn’t until Rubau had a cycling accident in the Spanish mountains, that he made the decision to really start Red Shark Bikes.

Safe and eco-friendly

Because besides cycling on water can be a great change of environment, it also brings a lot of safety into the cycling sport. Cycling on water means getting away from the traffic and pollution of the big city. This allows everyone to become completely relaxed and enjoy the surroundings without any distraction.

Three models

Red Shark Bikes offers three different models. The first one is called Fun, and is made specifically for recreational use. It is the perfect water bicycle for luxury resorts and beach hotels. Secondly there is the Sport model. This brings the same feeling as an ordinary sports bicycle, but without the speed. Training on water, while enjoying views you would never ever enjoy on the road. The third model is called Adventure, perfect for traveling through undiscovered places, far away from the city-life.

Trimaran design

The unique trimaran design ensures these water bikes to be completely stable, and able to ride waves of a meter high. The bicycle consists of one central hub which holds all the elements and keeps the riders feet dry at all times, with two stabilizers on each side. Being made from almost nothing more than carbon fiber, it is very lightweight and easy to transport. The neat design allows you to transport the water bicycle on a regular bicycle car rack.

Cross-linking with adjacent industries

The fact that Rubau displayed his products on a show for boats in Cannes only a while ago and was now exposing at Interbike, shows what a unique fusion product the Red Shark water bike is. Rubau is now looking for official dealers in the U.S. and around the globe, to allow people worldwide to enjoy these premium products and fall in love with a whole new view on the world.