Did you know.. E-scooters are a worldwide last-mile trend?

The big cities of our world are all struggling with urban mobility issues. More people, more cars, but an equal amount of space. The big question is: where to leave all these people and the vehicles in which they transport themselves? Car-free zones, new innovative vehicles and other solutions have already been implemented to manage these problems. But lately, a new trend has popped up: electric scooters and their corresponding sharing programs. Bicle dives right into the ‘war’ that the three biggest players in the scooter-sharing industry are fighting. Let Bicle introduce you to Bird, Lime and Spin.

Bird is a Santa Monica based company, founded by former Uber executive Travis VanderZanden. They charge renters a dollar to start with and an extra 15 cent per travel minute. Spin is based in San Fransisco and is owned by Ford Motor Company. They charge one dollar for every 30 minutes or a 29 dollar monthly subscription for unlimited 30-minute rides. Lime was originally founded as LimeBike, but changed its name when it expanded its business. They also charge renters one dollar per 30 minutes. The e-scooters of the three companies all have a maximum speed of around 25 kilometers per hour and a range of 30 kilometers.

Worldwide implementation

All three of the e-scooter companies are working closely together with universities all over the United States. The electric two-wheeler just seems to be the perfect vehicle to traveling around campus. But Bird, Lime and Spin can also be found in cities around the world, such as Vienna, Brussels, Paris and Prague. Notable is the fact that some countries are behind in implementing these neat vehicles. In Germany, for example, the legislation around e-scooters makes it quite hard to use them for transportation.

The last mile

Why are e-scooters such an interesting vehicle in big cities? They are because they’re perfect for traveling the last mile. Park your car just outside the city, or let the bus, metro or train drop you off near your destination. Then rent an e-scooter and travel the remaining distance fast in an environmental-friendly vehicle. Just remember that an e-scooter will only cost you one dollar to rent plus an additional 15 cents per travel-minute. You won’t be able to park your car in the middle of a city center for that amount of money.

World domination of the electric scooter certainly is a real possibility. Of course, there still are a few major problems, like the safety of traveling on the public road and stalling or storing the scooters without making a mess of the surroundings. But if countries only find their ways to manage the legislation of these vehicles to get rid of the issues, it could be the perfect last-mile transportation into the city.