Did You Know.. Outdoor Tech Provides the Ideal Portable Audio- and Power Solutions

Not everyone is made for personal record after personal record. Some of us just don’t necessarily need to ride as fast as we can, or ask our body for its maximum endurance time after time. Cycling can simply be done just for fun. No thrill, no danger, just to enjoy the beautiful feeling cycling can give a person. The products of Outdoor Tech are made specifically for these kind of cyclists. Bicle spoke to Bobby Ali, V.P. Sales of the California based company, and asked him all about the products and the philosophy behind them. Add the tech to cycling.

Looking for Technology

Outdoor Tech believes that hobby-oriented cyclists, or hobby-oriented sports people in general, are always looking for technology to make their hobby better. An easy example of a technological innovation that did just that is Strava. Strava transformed an ordinary ride or run into a social event. Those are the kind of developments that Outdoor Tech is looking for. But they don’t just copy and paste another company’s strategy, they want to stand out from the rest.

What’s different?

There are three ways in which Outdoor Tech distinguishes itself from the rest. First of all, their products are rugged. The design mixes aesthetics with boldness, and makes a statement on your bike. Secondly all the products provide the user with an innovative audio- or power solution, for example with directional sound or an extremely long lasting battery. And finally, the products have to be durable. Because as Ali puts it: “Why buy a product and then put it in a case? Everyone knows you’re going to break the bone, so why not make a bone that’s durable?” That is why Outdoor Tech’s products all are dust- and water resistant. Spray some water into the input of one of their power banks, and it will continue to work perfectly fine.

But these three distinguishing factors are not all. It is the company’s wish to keep adding features to their products to make them even more usable. Take the Buckshot 2.0, for instance. Besides being a speaker, it is also a power bank. But moreover, a light is built into the speaker, so when you mount it to your handlebar, you don’t have to use an additional front light.

More than cycling

Outdoor Tech landed itself in the bicycle industry by accident, just because one of the members of the design team happened to love cycling. But that proves the company’s philosophy. Today’s cyclist can be tomorrow’s snowboarder, it is the same customer. The distributors therefore also vary a lot between different countries. In one country, it can be a large bicycle retailer, while in another it can be an electronics-, lifestyle- or camping based company. Outdoor Tech doesn’t want to name itself after just one of those areas, but instead it is there for all the outdoor-enthusiasts out there.