Did you know… You can electrify your bike in 30 seconds?

The Electron Wheel is made for even the clumsiest among us!

Never wanted to say goodbye to your good old steel horse and change it for an electric one? Now it is possible to combine the best of both worlds. The Electron Wheel lets you change your ordinary bicycle into one with electric assistance. This change could not be easier, since it only takes a new front wheel. This new cycling solution fits on most bikes with rim brakes and doesn’t need any wires or throttles to operate it.

After attaching the wheel and its wireless pedal sensor, you connect it to the corresponding app on your phone and calibrate it with a 200 meter ride. The app can display speed, battery life, assist levels, a settings page, and because of the GPS in your phone even a map and cycling history. Thanks to the collaboration with Google Assistant, all this information can even be requested with a voice command. Your hands do not need to leave the handlebar anymore. But, as Electron Wheel says on its website, some users love connectivity, while others will prefer to ride without it. Therefore the application gives the user the choice of which options to use. This makes it possible to enjoy the Wheel without an extra device.

The technical specs of the Electron Wheel aren’t at all inferior to any of its competitors. The Wheel provides a 20 miles per hour top speed in the United States and a 16 miles per hour top speed in Europe, adapted to the current regulations in the different regions. The Wheel is able to understand riding conditions in real time. Are you riding up a hill? Then it will automatically add power. Even the battery power is impressive in this rather small device. The 36v lithium ion battery allows its users to ride up to 50 miles.

The Electron Wheel was introduced at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas. Cyclist Max Lippe rode an impressive 2800 miles from New York City to the show, to properly test the product. During this ten-day challenge, Lippe cycled for 17 hours a day on average. Put this achievement next to the ’15 Day At Home Test Ride’ and conclude that the people behind this inventive wheel are very confident about the performance, usability and customer satisfaction of this product.

The change from an ordinary to an electric bicycle has never been easier. With specs and performances that can easily satisfy the average cyclist, this product has a great potential to make electric cycling more accessible. It seems like the Electron Wheel lives up to its motto: ‘No tools, no hassle… just simplicity.'