E-bike Taxi Has Potential to Compete With the Taxi Cab

Transportation. There is not a day in the year that one does not think how to get from one place to another. This can result in different things. You can choose to get somewhere on your own, with your own vehicle or otherwise. But you can also opt for the choice to get somewhere with a certain service. For example, this could be a taxi company. If we look closer to the taxi option we discover that e-bike taxi companies are becoming more relevant and perhaps growing in size as well. We at Bicle had a look at what the e-bike taxi means for the taxi market.

The e-bike as a taxi competitor

The introduction of e-bikes to the world has caused some problems for taxi companies all over the world. When you look at the biggest cities in the world and their usage of e-bikes, it’s noticeable that e-bikes are gaining popularity. This has mostly to do with the fact that it is kind of futile to take the taxi in a very busy city, which means that you can lose valuable time sitting in that particular taxi. The e-bikes reduce the time that you spend in traffic and that time can be spent somewhere else.

On one hand, it drives companies to focus more on e-bikes. Uber told the Guardian the following about that move: “During rush-hour, it is very inefficient for a one-ton hulk of metal to take one person 10 blocks.” The British newspaper also stated that Uber is to switch its focus from taxis to electric bikes and scooters to grow its global business according to their chief executive.

E-bike taxi: a whole new ball game

On the other hand - and that is what we are going to talk about in this post, is the fact that there are e-bike taxi companies. These companies provide taxi services to people in e-bikes and they have grown in popularity over regular bicycle taxi companies over the last few years. It’s interesting to see how this will develop and India is a good example how thing can change with the introduction of the e-bike in taxi companies.

India: the vanguard of e-bike taxi

Business World India talks about the Indian company Pillion: Pillion is the country’s first e-bike taxi service which aims to eliminate the problems of last mile connectivity in the city and gradually across the country. While interacting with BW Businessworld, Karan Chadha, its Co-Founder maintains that the company is confident of doing 100,000 rides a day in the next few years.

The owner goes on to tell something about the company and why it did start offering e-bikes taxi services to the public:

My Company’s name is Promto E-ventures Pvt. Limited. And we have a brand called ‘Pillion’ where we run electric bike taxis. It was floated in the year April 2016. We are completely on a green platform and are the only company which has such a business model in Delhi. This idea basically came up during the first odd-even (in Delhi). The problems we discerned during that time were on last mile connectivity from the metro station to the office or one’s residence. Our average ride is about 2kms (per trip). So the ideology that we are following in this company is how to connect that person to go his last two kilometers i.e. Point A to Point B, whether it is his house to the metro or vice versa. We wanted to create a system where a person can trust the brand to take them with security and surety with a pre-set price in mind.

In the coming years and perhaps already in 2019, the number of companies such as Pillion will grow and make an impact on the e-bike taxi market. At first the introduction of e-bikes was a threat to the taxi companies, but it can also be made into a strength, as Pillion shows.

What would you do? Travel by a regular taxi or take an e-bike taxi? Let us know!