Did you know.. There is an e-bike that fits right in your bag

The Smacircle is the world’s most compact and lightweight e-bike

In a time where there is a growing demand for short travels in as little time as possible, but where public transportation is getting busier every day, innovative transportation solutions are more important than ever. The Smacircle S1 is exactly this innovative vehicle. With a folded size of 19 x 29 x 49 centimeters and a weight of only seven kilograms, this e-bike fits in a bag without any problem. Take it with you wherever you want.

The Smacircle S1 was launched on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo in 2017 and immediately became a major success. But as one can imagine with a neatly designed product as this one, two full years of research and development preceded this launch. More than 20.000 tests followed, before the S1 passed the CE and FCC certification tests. But all the hard work wasn’t in vain. At CES 2018, Smacircle Technology’s vehicle got rewarded with an honoree in the ‘Tech For A Better World’ product category.

One of the most outstanding features of the Smacircle e-bike is the device’s user-friendliness. In five steps, the bike is transformed from a full-fledged vehicle to an extremely small package. Fold in the front wheel, followed by the rear wheel. Bend inside the handlebar and the saddle and finally double fold the body. It could not be easier. In the end, it is not even twice as big as a 13 inch laptop.


But whoever thinks that size is an indication for performance is wrong, in this case. Although the Smacircle S1 is super small, its performances can definitely be called big. It is strong enough to carry a person up to a 100 kilograms and it has an endurance of more than 12 miles on a full battery. When empty, this 5.8Ah battery can be fully charged in 2,5 hours, just by using the USB port. The 240 Watt motor can reach a maximum speed of 12,5 miles per hour and can climb hills up to 15 degrees.

Two small buttons on the handle bar are used to gain speed or to slow down. Instead of regular breaks that stop a vehicle through friction, the Smacircle S1 has embedded electronic breaks, which are much safer. When the break is fully pressed, the vehicle slows down from 12,4 to 0 miles per hour in only four meters. Moreover, the S1 has a phone holder on the handle bar, which automatically charges the smartphone, when attached to it. The app that comes with it, allows the user to lock and unlock the bike, adjust the lights, the speed and monitor the battery life. It is also able to monitor the average and maximum speed during the rides.

Bicle can conclude that this small vehicle is a big achievement for the industry. Smacircle Technology pushes the boundaries of transportation, and will definitely be heard from in the future.