Connect To Your e-bike With Nyon. More Than Just A Boardcomputer

E-bikes are often considered innovations of the future, or innovations that give us a glimpse of the future. Another thing connected to the future is the notion of always being online. In the book ‘The Culture of Connectivity’, cultural scholar José van Dijck gives the following interesting quote: “All companies have a common interest in making the online ecosystem uniformly accessible and shareable.” This made us wonder if it is possible for e-bikes to be online. We had a look at Nyon, Bosch’s e-bike board computer.

e-connectivity for the new generation

The Nyon board computer by Bosch, is so much more than just a board computer to be honest. They describe themselves as e-connectivity for the new generation as they try to achieve that with their online portal and mobile app. With Nyon you can view the information you need, whether it is GPS-navigation or personal fitness. What makes Nyon special according to themselves, is the fact that it is a fully integrated e-connectivity system for the e-bike.

Nyon's functionalities

Nyon has many functions, which all give you a lot of information on what is going on, what you are doing and what might be the best thing to do. We picked out four categories of those information sources which we deem to be important:

Ride: with the Nyon you receive information about every aspect of you e-bike related to riding it. Think of five different modes of driving, battery, speed, advice and distance. This system has got you covered.

Navigate: comfortable route-planning with shortcuts, stops and profiles, give you a more complete feeling of navigating to the right destination. With the 8GB storage you can save your routes to the computer. Even with full storage you can navigate with your smartphone.

Fitness: Nyon transforms your e-bike into a personal trainer. Whether you are training for a competition or just spend your free time with exercising, Nyon keeps you updated and motivated. In the online portal of Nyon, you can see how well you are doing and what your results are.

Smartphone: The reason why it is a complete e-connectivity system, is the fact that is makes use of a smartphone. You can customize the app to your own wishes and preferences, so that Nyon become your personal e-connectivity computer rather than a default board computer. You can also charge other external devices and you can receive text messages, so that you will be updated of everything. The smartphone app is updated regularly, so that the user has the latest maps and information to hit the road with their e-bike.

Always being online is something quite essential in our current day and age, but might become even more important in the years to come. We want to stay connected to anything and everything, this concept will grow even more in the future. Bosch has capitalized on that idea and brought the Nyon board computer into the world. What do you think is important for a board computer on an e-bike to have? We would love to know!