The e-mobility industry: from separated industries to convergence

The bicycle industry is changing. The e-bike has found its place in the market and is there to stay. E-bike systems are complementing human power, enabling the rider to travel in a more convenient fashion. At the same time it seems evident that this is not the finish-line of the electrically driven mobility developments. We see Light Electrical Vehicles (LEVs) making their way. From little scooters, to hover boards, and from electrical steps to Segways, all these new mobility solutions have one thing in common: they will determine the future of how people move through space.

Electric Vehicles (EV) vs Light Electric Vehicles (LEV) 

Every electric vehicle with a motor under 5Kwh, we consider a LEV (which means that an e-bike in fact is a LEV as well). This automatically means that every electric vehicle with a motor over 5Kwh is an EV, Electrical Vehicle. E-cars, for instance are part of this category. As we know, the automotive industry is working on highly developed EVs. We also see that this adjacent industry is leaning towards the bicycle industry to find inspiration on – among other things – how e-mobility can be made smaller in order to fit better in modern urban areas. At the same time we see bicycle manufacturers collaborating with automotive companies in order to make the best e-bicycle – as well as LEVs – possible. This convergence may also count for the aerospace industry, in which we already see experiments with electrical powered systems such as jetpacks or flying electrical vehicles, such as electric vertical take-off and landing planes and even hover boards. 

The move towards an e-mobility industry

In other words: mobility industries are converging. Bicle’s prognosis therefore is that in the future, we might not speak anymore of segregated industries, but of one e-mobility industry with all kinds of new and electric mobility solutions. Of course, there will be distinctions between an e-car and an e-bike or even an e-plane, but they will not stem from different industries anymore, as is currently the case, but from one new e-mobility industry. Read all about the big changes and disruptors of the bicycle industry on!

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