Easelink Combines Matrix Charging With Blockchain-Payments

Easelink combines Matrix Charging with blockchain-payments


The need to charge any electric device when it runs empty can cause some serious trouble. Adapters can be forgotten, missing or broken, the charger might not fit the only power outlet available or it proves impossible to connect your friends cable with your device. The same troubles can be applied to electric car owners. While it probably is much harder to lose your cars charging cable, it can be way more difficult to find a charging station to plug that cable into. Already back in 2017, Easelink introduced its conductive solution to the public: Matrix Charging. But it’s only a short while ago when they presented the next step in
their charging journey, a futuristic payment system

Actually, the charging system is quite simple. A connector is integrated in the underbody of the car and a charging pad is mounted into the car park floor. All the driver of the vehicle has to do, is park the car over the pad. The foldable part of the connector then connects to the pad and starts charging the car. But what makes Easelink’s plan even more outstanding is the connection they made between the hardware and the paying system which is integrated in an app. The so-called Smart Contracts, which are based on blockchain-technology, make sure that the digital payments for a charge are immediate, secure and without the interference of a central payment provider.


The biggest advantage of Matrix Charging is the scalability. Due to the placement of all of the moving parts inside the car, and the robust and inexpensive design of the pad, this system can easily be scaled up. Moreover, conductive charging is very efficient and requires less weight to be brought in the trunk of your car. Finally, the system is very flexible and does not require the car to be parked perfectly above the pad. As long as some of the contact pins in the connector touch the pad, the car will be charged without any danger. The pins that are not touching the pad are automatically deactivated, which ensures that no electrically charged elements are exposed to the surroundings.


The charging power of Easelink’s system is up to 22 kW AC and high-power DC. It is extremely efficient, over 99%, which is comparable to any plug and charging station connection. The charging pad is resistent to water, ice, dust and even small stones and is automatically cleaned with a build-in airflow system. The Matrix Charging connector can be used for any vehicle with a ground clearance of up to 250 mm, weighs less than 5 kilograms and uses only three liters of space.


The low price, robustness, safety and efficiency of Easelink’s Matrix Charging, in combination with the payments based on Smart Contracts makes this plan sound like the way to go in the future. No more cables to carry around and no more looking for a free charging station. Simply park your car and let it do the rest. What more could you wish for?