Did you know.. EnSkate’s new skateboard offers everything you’ve ever wanted

Skateboarding always used to be a sport for the thougher people in the world. Ollies, kickflips and heelflips still are terms unknown to the majority of our society. For those who do not want to risk any broken bones or a scratch on an arm or leg don't come near a skateboard. But since a few years, these boards changed to accepted and often seen transportation devices. And of course, the electrification of the mobility industry didn't leave the skateboard untouched. Not so long ago, enSkate changed the image of the skateboard forever.

EnSkate has two main products in their catalog. The first is the WoBoard, an electrified maple wood skateboard that is just as powerful as it is portable. The second is the FiBoard, the world's first full carbon fiber skateboard. These boards are fully controlled by a joystick in the hand of the driver. The powerful dual motor can reach a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour, has a range of 7.9 miles and can ride up a hill with 20% incline. The 10pc Samsung 18650 battery can be fully recharged from empty in only two hours.

But what makes these boards special, is the digital dashboard built in the front of the devices. This dashboard provides the rider with real time data, like speed, temperature, remaining mileage and the front- and rear light stats. Yes, you read it correctly! These skateboards have built in front and rear lights. And if you don't like the look and feel of the board? Not a problem, since the motor, wheels, battery, LCD-screen, lights and the sandpaper can be replaced. With the WoBoard, there also are two color options to choose from.

Skateboard-experience is not needed for these boards, since they can be adjusted to the drivers level and skills. The rider can set the board in three different riding modes: beginner mode, intermediate mode and advanced mode. Each mode has a low and high option. Beginner mode - low makes the board drive between 0 and 3 miles per houre, while the intermediate mode - high makes it drive with a maximum speed of 14 miles hour.

The brains behind these two technological pieces of art were gathered from some of the best tech-companies in the world. The team members of enSkate come from companies as Gopro, Foxconn, and TCL Global Innovation Center. Together they have received the prestegious Red Dot Award for their FiBoard. The international Red Dot competition rewards products that stand out with their innovative design.

So are you tired of all the conventional transportation devices on the street? Are you looking for something else than your good-old bicycle? Try one of enSkate's boards. Maybe you are making that kickflip in a few months’ time!