‘’For Taiwan, The Dutch Bicycle Market Is Very Strategic’’

Last week, Walter Yeh visited The Netherlands. The President and CEO of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council TAITRA (the organizer of Taipei Cycle), has filled in media and partners on the Taipei Cycle Show 2020.


(by: Nieuwsfiets ) 

It’s expected that everything will be back to normal next year. Last year, TAITRA shifted their show dates, which moved from March to October. New insights caused that even before the show took place on the new date, the next show would be again held in March. This was last March, but the show was held only six months after the previous one, which was in October 2018. Those shifts caused a decline in visitors, especially in 2018. And although the spring edition in 2019 had more people, it didn’t reach the level TAITRA is used to. Reason enough to ask Walter Yeh some questions.’’

What to expect of the Taipei Cycle Show after all these date-changes?

Walter Yeh: ‘’The next show will be at the 4th until the 7th of March and we will use both halls to its full capacity. This year’s show will definitely be bigger than last year. Our new focus will be predominantly on e-bikes, but also on many new ICT-equipment for the bicycle industry. Also, Start-up companies are very important for us. Because of that, visitors can expect a lot of new innovations on the fair ground. We welcome visitors to come again. Apart from that the trade show will be more intellectual, due to the extension of forums and seminars. The topics vary from the e-bike as a product to the role of the bike in ecosystems and all kinds of related topics.’’

When you look back on the shifts between trade show dates, do you regret that?

Walter Yeh: ‘’No, I don’t, because we just listened to the feedback by the industry. But, when we discovered that this wasn't a good choice, we reacted quickly and reversed the date back to March for 2019, after discussing this with the industry. We chose March as the definitive date and we will continue to do so in the coming years.’’

International trade shows seem to go through a rough time. Eurobike sees exhibitioners leaving and organizing their own shows, China Cycle is suffering from the anti-dumping regulations, and Interbike is annulated completely. How is Taipei Cycle going to survive?

Walter Yeh: ‘’With the Taipei Cycle Show we create a global platform where people from the bicycle industry can meet face to face to discuss branch-matters, gather information about the industry, to share that and to network, obviously. We will invite more people from different countries, especially the industry’s big players. That’s of huge importance. This strategy should lead to the perception that the Taipei Cycle Show is a complete meeting-place where everyone can grow their knowledge on, among other things, at forums and seminars. It should also be the show where companies can show their novelties.’’

As stated earlier, due to the anti-dumping regulation it was a lot quieter at this year’s China Cycle. Does the anti-dumping case offer new opportunities for the Taipei Cycle Show?

Walter Yeh: ‘’There is always something happening in the business world. The Anti-dumping case and the loss of the American tradeshows always lead to new opportunities for Taiwan’s bicycle industry. But we need to keep focusing on innovations to keep upgrading our own industry, by providing better service and better solutions.

Why is the Taipei Cycle Show ‘the place to be’ for Dutch bicycle companies?

Walter Yeh: ‘’The Dutch bicycle industry is one of the leaders in the global bicycle industry. We work really hard to get Dutch producers to expose at the Taipei Cycle Show, where they have a very good platform to present their products. The Netherland are our second biggest export market, after the US, and it’s a highly strategic market for Taiwan. That’s why we want to attract more Dutch exhibitors.’’

For the last question, let’s talk about the distant future. What will the Taipei Cycle Show look like in, let’s say, five to ten years?

Walter Yeh: ‘’We want the Taipei Cycle Show to keep on growing and growing. We want to offer more, not only in size, but also in content with new companies, new products, and new solutions. We want to really make it a valuable platform for the total bicycle industry.’’