Fortum: An Energy Company From Finland That Gets Involved In Emobility

You only need to go outside for an hour and you can see the future unfolding right before your eyes. The rise of the electric vehicles is part of that future and they will only increase in numbers over the following years. With that particular rise, the need for more charging points is inevitable and that’s what we at Bicle would like to talk about in this article. More specifically, we want to talk about Fortum.

The Company

Fortum is a company from Finland which was founded in 1998 is owned by the government of Finland (52% share). They are an energy company with a market focused on the Nordic and Baltic countries, as well as Poland, India and Russia. In 2018 they had around 8.300 employees and had a sales figure of 5.2 billion EUR. They want to be a change in sustainable energy and their website says the following about how they want to achieve that: “We invite all – society, our employees, our shareholders and our partners – to join us in the change. Our joint role is to accelerate the change by reshaping the energy system, improving resource efficiency and providing smart solutions for the future.”

The App

As said above, with the rise of the electric vehicle, the need for charging points grows as well. The infrastructure for those charging points is getting there, but still, it’s rather difficult at times to locate such charging points. Fortum has developed a Charge & Drive application which helps with exactly that: “Fortum Charge & Drive offers customers and operators a cloud-based service for quick and convenient EV charging. It is connected to a network of 1,400 affiliated smart chargers across Norway, Sweden, and Finland, and our international presence is growing daily.

With the Charge & Drive app, customers can easily find the nearest available charging station and pay with their preferred method, whether by RFID, App, or SMS. If users encounter any problems or require support, they can access to the 24-hour customer support from every charging station.”

Not Just A Guide

The interesting thing about this app is that they not only show the customer where the various charging points are, but they also have the feature of enabling managing a charging point. You can provide extra information for that charging point, but you can also add a new charging in the case of a new station that has risen. The customer has a relatively easy and comfortable overview of the charging stations in the area which they are driving.

The company is the leading company in providing charging solutions for the Nordics and it wants to expand its concept to the rest of Europe in the coming years. Their mission is to come with better e-mobility solutions in order to make the world a cleaner place.

What do you think about the Fortum plug? Is it a good solution to find more charging systems? Would you like to see it implemented in your own country? We at Bicle would love to know! Let us know in the comments down below.