Healthy and happy employees? Provide e-bikes!

It has been scientifically proven that people who cycle more stay healthy, and – not unimportant – stay happy. That is not all: more cyclists means less cars, means less pollution in the city. This is what the German company My.Movelo picked up when they started their business in 2005. By now they have expanded internationally. Bicle explains the ins and outs of their interesting concept and philosophy.

It all started with the concept of bike rental in 2005 in the German place Bad Reichendall. The idea was to transport spa guests from one place to another. When the business got operational in 2006, they started with but a handful of e-bikes, rental and charging stations to provide their customers throughout the valley in which Bad Reichendal is situated. This happened to be a hit, and by now the company has conducted several collaborations with big e-bike manufacturers and is operational throughout Germany. Moreover, they have expended abroad and now possess over a thousand rental stations in twelve different European countries. How do they do it?

To provide that question with an answer, Bicle takes a look into the company’s philosophy. There it says that Movelo ‘’stands for soft mobility – when, where and what you want.’’ This could be interpreted as the complete unburdening of their customers when they rent one of Movelo’s e-bikes. That seems to be just the case. In another paragraph they state that the e-bikes can either be picked up at one of their rental stations, or be delivered at a location of one own choice – in every country of the world. This shows their serviceability towards their end users.

The reason they provide such a big service to their customers is because Movelo believes that e-biking is the future’s mobility solution, as an alternative for cars - which are indeed polluting. If people don’t drive cars, it should become more likely for them to switch to e-bikes. That is because those are way less polluting, don’t cause city traffic jams, and do contribute to a healthier life. To make that shift more swift, Movelo provides this kind of service. This strategy is, however, not just targeted at the average Joe, no, they point their arrows at companies and corporate social events – that is, by the way, not to say that this service therefore becomes exclusive to Joe. Companies can rent a number of e-bikes and provide their employees with the high-end e-bikes in order to contribute to their employee’s health, to decrease the amount of jams and to be environmentally responsible.

The way they operate is, again, completely according to one of the latest trends: bike-sharing, but with a twist. Because, as stated earlier, My.Movelo offers high end service. This means, in this case, that the company is also flexible in their operational model. My.Movelo offers two options: either Movelo itself is the system’s operator, or the client. This either means giving control out of hand, or keeping it yourself. The second part where the customer gets to choose is in the logistic part. As a client, you can choose to either have one central returning station (output = return), or many (free flow). That is to say, it doesn’t matter where the bike is returned, as long as it’s brought back to a My.Movelo returning station.

It is perceivable that this highly flexible and serviceable strategy is appealing to companies interested in providing their employees with e-bikes. As we all know, and say, in this industry: e-bikes are the future. With initiatives as these, we get a step closer to the realization of this statement. So do want to be or to contribute to healthy and happy employees? Provide them with e-bikes!