Inspiration Day: TRIOBIKE Sets A New Horizon For Urban Mobility With Their Way Of Doing Things

Let’s talk cargo bikes. These three or two-wheeled bikes are becoming immensely popular. It’s really obvious to see why: they serve as a cargo bike, they can easily and safely transport children, and it’s a real green urban solution. And while new brands sprout every week, some of them are really worth your while. In this blog Bicle talks about one in particular: the TRIOBIKE.

Cargo bikes used to be the handy option for people who wanted to bring their children to school and back, because those bikes have a big capacity. Nowadays, the cargo bikes are popular among all kinds of delivery companies. The reason why is because in many ways in urban areas it’s faster than a car because it can go places a car can’t. But most importantly its environmental friendly – and which company does not want to be perceived as ‘green’ these days?

Green, Lean Cargo Machine

It’s not a miracle that in Copenhagen those kind of bikes are taking off so well. It’s one of the bike friendliest city on the planet. TRIOBIKE is born at the heart of the Danish capitol. They stand for adventure, innovation and safety. It puts real effort in combining those three to create the best and most versatile electric cargo bikes available. E-powered by Brose, the cargo bikes are assured of a powerful motor that will make every ride an easy one.

TRIOBIKE’s Philosophy

For TRIOBIKE it’s all about feeling free on the bike, losing the restriction a car has in urban areas. TRIOBIKE is a real ambassador of the good life, which according to them can be achieved with their bikes. The TRIOBIKE cargo bike is all about looking ahead. That is to say: don’t take things for granted as they are, but really to look at innovative ways to change an already proven concept. It’s not that they’re trying to change the cargo bike, rather they define it by making it lighter, safer and easier to handle.


To do this, TRIOBAKI has created the TRIOLAB. In this lab the company seeks for new innovations. And although it may not sound as a big break through, it was TRIOBIKE who integrated their brake, and gear cables into their bike. Obviously, they also look for new materials to make their bikes stronger and lighter.

Collaborating Is The New Competing

Another way to innovate is by collaboration. This is completely according today’s zeitgeist where SME’s collaborate to find new business or help each other to the next level. Collaborating is the new competing. This is something that could be seen as a true asset and although it’s not something completely new it’s actually still really inspiring to see. The young urban mobility companies are really an inspiration when it comes to those kind of endeavors.

If you’re interested in what the bikes look like and what the customer’s experiences are, please watch the video on top and see what it’s like to ride a TRIOBIKE and get inspired as a company by how they use social media to communicate with their audience.