Micro Mobility Is The Last Solution??

The word ‘mobility’ is popular right now. It might be one of the most used words in contemporary conversations, but it’s also very broad and sometimes, a bit vague. We at Bicle wanted to look at something more specific regard mobility, and that’s why in this post we will have a look at Micro mobility companies.

Micro mobility

Micro mobility is the kind of mobility that involves scooters, bikes, Light Electric Vehicles, and other small types of transportation. This kind of mobility is said to have huge potential, because we as humans use vehicles like cars for short trips. Head of bike, scooter and pedestrian policy at Lyft, Caroline Samponaro said the following regarding their investment in micro mobility: “If 40% of car trips in the US are less than two miles, and people are making many short trips in cities every day, there is a tremendous potential for us to make those trips on bikes and on scooters, and for those trips to be connections to public transit,”

There is a huge potential for companies to get into the micro mobility business, because those little trips can easily be made with something that is not your car.

Micro mobility companies

There are several micro mobility companies who are worth sharing, because of their ideas and products. We have listed three different companies that contribute to the rise of micro mobility and their positive effects:

  • Micro mobility Systems is a Swiss company founded in 1999 by Wim Ouboter and resides in Kusnacht, Switzerland. The company invents urban mobility solutions such as the kickscooter or the Microlino, which is a small electric car.

  • Lyft is an on-demand transportation company founded in 2012, and resides in San Francisco, California. The company focuses on real-time ride sharing and vehicles for hire. They have recently entered the bike and electric scooter sharing market because they feel that micro mobility is a potential big market and that there’s a need for more micro mobility in the world.

  • Lime is a transportation-rental company founded in 2017 by Toby Sun and Brad Bao, residing in San Francisco. The company runs bike, scooter and car-sharing services in different countries. The system offers dockless vehicles which users unlock via an app.

These companies have been contributing to the growth of micro mobility in different cities all over the world, and more companies will follow in their tracks. There is an apparent need for an alternative for cars for short distances and the micro mobility seems just that what the people need it. Together with the distance aspect, there’s also a trend of sharing vehicles or transportation means. Micro mobility wants to increase safety and add to the sustainable development of traffic.

If you were to take part in micro mobility, what kind of transportation would you prefer? We at Bicle would love to know how micro mobility might impact your day to day life. Let us know in the comments!