Mobile First: Why the E-bike industry should embrace it now.

Did you know.. Approximately 80% of smartphone owners use their mobile devices to decide what products to buy?

Why is mobile first so important?

A major part of Bicle’s business strategy is mobile first: our content is available everywhere, anywhere and on any device. Visitors of our platform can always use our data if they are in need of information. Lots of companies have recently started to use the mobile first strategy. This resulted in an almost limitless source of online information. Research has shown that customers in almost every industry use this information to research potential purchases, compare similar products or justify their consumer behaviour. Businesses in the (electric) bicycle industry should take advantage of this trend.

The numbers

Because of the Internet being an extremely fast growing source of information, the customer journey in almost all industries is moving online as well. According to research conducted by Google, approximately 80% of smartphone owners uses their mobile devices to help them during the decision-making process and over 90% of these potential customers go on to make a purchase after doing their online research. Even 42% of B2B researchers use online data to base their business purchases on.

Business opportunities

The bicycle industry still focusses mostly on traditional media and a handful of big shows around the world. Interactive websites, apps and mobile tools to inform customers or add extra features are emerging, but still very slowly. Businesses should drag potential customers to there websites, apps or social media channels, inform them in the best way possible about their products and make them want to buy these products.

Product review videos

A powerful tool to achieve this are product review videos. is the biggest e-bike review video channel on YouTube, with over 50.000 subscribers and approximately 750 videos. On that channel e-bikes of all different brands are being tested by an independent reviewer. The risk for manufacturers can be that their e-bike receives a negative review and potential customers decide to buy a product with a positive review. Manufacturers can neutralise this risk by producing their own informing videos with a positive approach.

Responsive webdesign

Responsive webdesign is still underestimated in a lot of companies, while Internet usage on mobile devices grew to 60% of all Internet usage. 52% of B2B marketers say they are less likely to do business with a company that doesn’t have a responsive webdesign. It is therefore very important for businesses in the e-bike industry to invest in a proper responsive webdesign.

Mobile first

Business in the e-bike industry should embrace mobile first. Mobile devices and the Internet become more and more important since customers base there purchases on information they gather online and on the go. Information should always be positive, clear, easy to find and responsive to any kind of mobile device.