The eSpider Allows Everyone To Be Mobile


Innovation is important. It keeps us going and the need for innovation leads to better solutions and sustainability. The process of innovation is to get new technologies to the masses and usually, this focuses on homogenous group. In reality, however, there are people who can’t use mainstream innovations. That’s why today we at Bicle would like to talk about e-spider mobility.

The e-spider

The e-spider is an electric vehicle manufactured by French company Swincar and wants to give the driver a comfortable, and flexible riding experience. On the website the company writes the following about this vehicle: “SWINCAR e-Spider harnesses the natural forces of physics so that, like a pendulum, centrifugal force and gravity are combined in a natural equilibrium creating a very stable vehicle. Cornering or on slopes the driver remains horizontal whilst the wheels stay in contact with even the most uneven ground. There are four driving and steering wheels and when combined with the vehicle’s low center of gravity, delivers an exciting but safe driving experience. Downhill the engine brake recharges the batteries; this regenerative braking is very safe, durable and helps increase the range.”

More flexibility for the disabled

Just like said above, not every innovation is for everyone. So with the innovations on the electronic field, the disabled were a group that was often left out of the equation. The e-spider by Swincar is an example of how innovation thinks of the disabled as well. The reason why this vehicle is suitable is because of the following:  “The driver’s compartment or nacelle and the wheels are articulated on longitudinal axes, which allows the nacelle to tilt on turns or a slope. The mechanism that allows lean in the turn means that when riding across a slope, the wheels are parallel to the angle of the nacelle, which is hanging down. The driver’s center of mass stays between the wheels and below the hubs, making the SWINCAR able to ascend, descend and traverse slopes whilst its long, individually articulated legs keep all four wheels on the ground”

A change in perspective?

Innovations like the e-spider not only give an option for more specialized innovation and technology, but they also seem to change the perspective on the way we innovate. One of the questions we might ask ourselves is: Do we innovate for the sake of innovating or are we actually concerned with a variety of groups? It is conceivable to think it’s a very healthy attitude to have as a company and there’s so much to win in that market. If you manufacture an electronic vehicle that meets all the needs and requirements for all the different groups then as a company, you could grow enormously within the foreseeable future.

What do you think of this innovation? Do you see people using it in the future? We at Bicle would love to know! Let us know in the comments down below.