New Mobility will take the bicycle industry into a new era

We all might have heard of the term ‘New Mobility’. This concept is widely used within the automotive and the logistics industry, but in the bicycle industry it may not be as common as in other – adjacent – industries. Nevertheless, we are dealing with it - we are all dealing with the future of mobility. Take bike-sharing, or smart anti-theft apps for instance. All of these disruptive new functionalities are part of new-mobility.

Disruptive solutions

New Mobility mostly provides disruptive mobility solutions to an industry that may not be necessarily waiting for it. However, most of these solutions actually help in pushing the industry further and make it future-proof. A close to home example is e-mobility

Smart mobility 

Take smart mobility for instance. The automotive industry is developing vehicles that are able to communicate in order to make traffic safer. This is also known as autonomous driving or mobility. Traffic also includes infrastructure, therefore cities need to be involved as well, which automatically includes bicycles. So, why not participate into this development?

You can already see a whole new kind of mobility emerge with this brief example! Of course, the bicycle industry is already developing such solutions, and at Bicle, we cover these developments and trends. Bicle provides the information you need to know about the new mobility developments and trends. Please, visit and see what changes and opportunities will be waiting for you!

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