Did you know… The new Segway is a robot as loyal as your old dog

Segway Robotics introduces their transportation robot: Loomo

Everybody knows Segway. Their iconic transportation device, which can best be described as a hoverboard with a steer attached to it, rapidly gained popularity after its launch. Besides its usability, the Segway was mostly very fun to ride. Segway Robotics recently introduced a similar product, except for the fact that this hoverboard transforms into a robot when you tap on it. Bicle explains all the extraordinary characteristics of Loomo.

In transportation mode, Loomo can reach a speed up to 11 miles per hour. Moreover, it can easily transport you for 22 miles on a full battery, which can be fully charged in three hours. These specs do not differ that much from the original Segway, except for the steer, which is much shorter now. By bending your knee to the inside, you move in the preferred direction. Demos and test riders proved this system to be more intuitive than the original steer. Loomo can ride on multiple terrains, for example on grass and through superficial waters. It is advised to avoid stairs and curbs.

But the real Loomo-magic happens after the user taps the button on top of the device. This simple tap transforms the hoverboard into a very friendly robot, with a small touch screen face. You can place luggage or other packages up to 200 kilograms on it, and use the voice commands ‘okay Loomo’ and ‘let’s go’ to make it follow you, everywhere you go. The build in HD-camera with Human Understanding System (HUS) recognizes your face, so that it will not lose you on the road. This camera also ensures the robot not to bump into any obstacles; it can easily move around them.

The robot can be connected with your smartphone, which makes it perfect to use as your portable security guard. You can see who the robot encountered, and let it ask questions by using the text to voice option. Moreover, Loomo can capture photos and stabilized video. All of this can be controlled with the compatible app. One side-note to this feature is that the robot and your phone have to be connected to the same wireless network.

Segway Robotics programmed the robot to be friendly and expressive. Its jovial and happy character can cheer people up. And when you want to give Loomo some free hours or a day off, it can park itself. The innovative transportation team of Segway worked closely together with BMW’s self-driving car team to optimize this feature.

Loomo is available on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding platform. While the end date of the campaign is at the end of April, it already raised 9 times the amount of 100.000 dollar, which was the original goal. If its pre-production popularity is an indication for its upcoming success, we can expect big things from Loomo!