OTRAJET’s NEXO airless tire eco-friendly and convenient

Although NEXO airless tire attended Eurobike for the first time this year, it is already distributing big time in Japan, Indonesia and Taiwan. Lately, NEXO airless tire has gone overseas towards the US and to the UK and is now trying to reach out to Europe’s main land with their e-bike special tires. Otrajet’s NEXO appears to be very successful in what they do, but what makes NEXO airless tires so special?

From R&D, to time to market, to future plans

OTRAJET started developing the NEXO airless tire five years ago. After three years it was time to hit the market with their airless tire, starting out in Asia and the US. NEXO aims at both OEMs and the end consumer. For the latter NEXO uses a slightly different way than one would usually do: they cut out the retailer and directly target their customers via ecommerce (Amazon). Through this way, they can keep the prices lower so that the tire becomes even more seductive.

Since two years NEXO airless tires are on the market competing with other tire manufactures. They are obviously not alone, but what makes them stand out is that their tires are supposedly lighter than other airless tires from competing manufacturers – according to NEXO up to 40%. However, the latest e-bike tire appears to be a little heavier. Why? You’ll find out in a little while. But let’s first dive into another USP: eco-friendliness.


When tires get punctured, it needs to be fixed. This process could be repeated a couple of times, but eventually the tire needs to be replaced by a new one. In short: tires – and outer tubes – have a relatively short live span. On its own it’s not a big problem, were it not that the material is quite difficult to recycle, making it an extremely expensive endeavor. As a result, recycling centers are somewhat reluctant to accept these tires. Consequently, millions and millions of tires and inner tubes are piling up. Accordingly, in Germany alone 10 million tires and inner tubes are thrown away annually.

This of course is a problem, which OTRAJET recognized and found a solution to. They developed a tire with ‘’macromolecular materials via Cross Linking into the primary material of light- weight, solid NEXO airless tire, offering a solution to cracking due to reactions between traditional pneumatic tires and active oxygen (O3, ozone) as well as meet users’ expectation for bike tires with conditions such as eco-friendliness, weather-proof, wear-proof and skid-proof physical properties.’’ In short, if there are no punctures, there is no need to replace a tire or inner tube. Problem solved, you could say.

‘’Burst proof and inflation free’’

So, NEXO airless tires can’t go flat! That’s because there is no air whatsoever, meaning that the owner doesn’t need to inflate the tire either, which saves much time. However, for racing-tires it is sometimes more comfortable to adjust the tire tension to the terrain or weather conditions. For their new product – the e-bike tires – on the other hand, it does not really matter. With this product, NEXO is planning on conquering the European Market.

E-bike made tire: 700x40c

This tire is especially developed for e-bikes, meaning it is wider and a little heavier than a conventional tire. That is because e-bikes are heavier than conventional bikes, due to the e-bike system. However, on the upside the tires can carry more weight, namely 70kg per tire, which makes 140kg in total.

Besides, not only is the tire puncture prove, it also allows the end-user to bring lesser tools, which improves the convenience and thus improves the riding experience. Lastly, the 700x40c can be continuously ridden for 50km under the speed of 40km per hour, which makes the tires more convenient for longer e-bike rides.

For the future NEXO is planning on specializing more on e-bikes, mainly in the commuting and city segment. Moreover, NEXO is planning on developing body protection, which will probably be launched next year. So stay tuned to Bicle, because it seems that we will hear more from NEXO in the coming years!