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DIGON GmbH – Bicle

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88046 Friedrichshafen, Germany

We value your privacy!

  1. Personal data that we process
  1. Privacy?
    1. DIGON GmbH takes your privacy serious. We collect and process your personal data because you use our website, make use of our services, and because you deliberately provide us with that information.
    2. We try as good as possible to carefully process the collected data. This privacy statement will clearly inform you on what personal data we will process, how we deal with this data and why we collect this.
    3. In this General Statement of Privacy Protection DIGON GmbH is the so called: Responsible entity.


  1. Oversight of personal data we collect and process
  1. Of you as visitor
    1. First- and last name
    2. Company name
    3. Address
    4. Email address
    5. (Mobile) phone
    6. Data you provide through our chat service
    7. Location
    8. Data on your activity on our website
    9. IP-address
    10. Internet browser and type of device


  1. Special and/or sensitive personal data we process
    1. Contact us in case we have done anything wrong
      1. When you are sure we have acquired sensitive information without consent, please contact us via We will immediately delete the concerning information.


  1. Why and how long we store data
    1. Bicle processes your personal data for the following purposes:
      1. To email you our biweekly newsletter when permitted;
      2. To be able to help you directly in case of any questions;
      3. To send you any required information, and finally;
      4. To analyze your behavior on our website top optimize our website and to adjust this to your personal preferences.
    2. How long we store the data
      1. DIGON GmbH will not store your personal data longer than strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which your data is collected. When you wish to have more information concerning the storage period in your specific case, please contact us via


  1. Sharing with third parties
    1. No selling policy
      1. DIGON GmbH will not sell your personal data to third parties and will only share this to execute our agreement with you or to meet regal requirements
      2. We will close a processing-deal with third parties who process your data by our order. This is done in order to meet the same level of security concerning your personal data. DIGON GmbH will, in any case, the responsible party.


  1. Mapping website visits
    1.  Cookies
      1. Our website makes use of cookies. A cookie simply is a tiny file that is sent along with the pages on this website [and/or Flash-applications], which will be saved on your device’s hard-drive by your browser. The saved content can be sent to our servers during a next visit.
      2. DIGON GmbH uses different cookies, which will be further explained in our cookie policy:
        1. Functional cookies. Serve the purpose of optimizing the technical functionality of our website. For instance, we may store your preferences. Moreover, this data may be used to optimize our website in general terms.
        2. Analytical cookies by third parties. These cookies track your surfing behavior. These cookies are acquired because we utilize Google Analytics. For more information, please visit our cookie policy page.
        3. Tracking cookies. These are implemented by third parties. Through reading these cookies, an advertiser is able to recognize you when you visit a website to which the advertiser is connected. When you surf on, personal advertisement may appear on the screen. Tracking cookies are able to track you surfing behavior, which enables third parties building a highly targeted user profile. This profile may be that detailed that personal data could be exchanged.
    2. In case you don’t like cookies
      1. You are able to turn off cookies by installing your internet browser is such a way it does not allow any cookies anymore. Moreover, you are able to delete you cookie history from your browser. If you require help, you may always contact us. However, before you do that, please consult the ‘help-function’ of your internet browser.


  1. Inspection, correction and/or deletion of your data
    1. Your rights
      1. You are entitled to inspect your personal data, to request a correction or deletion;
      2. In case of any remarks concerning DIGON’s data processing, please send a request to;
      3. In case you send DIGON GmbH such a request, we need to be sure you are the one requesting. Therefore, in the case you fill in a request, we kindly ask you to attach a copy of your ID. In order to safeguard your privacy DIGON GmbH asks you to blur your passport photograph, MRZ (machine readable zone), passport number and social security number.
      4. DIGON GmbH will respond as quickly as possible, but at least within four weeks after the request is received.


  1. Security of communication through SSL-encryption
    1. SSL
      1. To protect you as website visitor DIGON GmbH uses safe coding technology. With SSL (Secure Socket Layer) your personal data used on our website will be encrypted (invisible to third parties). By doing this, you ensured your data will only be visible to you and our servers.
    2. How to recognize the security?
      1. At any of our sections you use your personal data, such as filling in the contact form, we will utilize SSL-encryption. You can easily control and recognize this. When you visit an encrypted section of our website, the lock-symbol will appear below-right or on the upper-left side of your browser. Moreover, the URL will change from http:// to https://, which indicates the page is secure.


  1. Security
    1. We take your security serious!
      1. DIGON GmbH is sincerely concerned about protecting your personal data, which is why measurements are taken to prevent abuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure, and unauthorized alterations. If you have reasons to believe your data is not well secured, or if there are indications of abuse, do not hesitate to contact us via