Shared Mobility Development Will Face An Important Year in 2019

If you type in mobility in google, you get a lot of reactions and results. Recently we’ve noticed that we see shared mobility more and more. It’s quite easy to guess what it is, but it’s also very interesting to see what could be the benefits of shared mobility in our society. We at Bicle had a look at a few of the advantages in actively engaging in shared mobility!

First of all, what is it exactly? Shared mobility is or refers to the shared use of a transportation mode. This could be a vehicle or bicycle, but also other things. It focuses on the usage of transportation modes on the urge of need, which can be beneficial for both the environment and the economy. Think of bikesharing, carsharing, ridesharing, on-demand ride services, courier network services or scootersharing. There as are all examples of shared mobility in our society. Obviously there are endless forms of shared mobility, but we will concentrate here on the carsharing form of mobility.

Car sharing provides a solution

If we look at the usage of cars, we know that there are so many cars, that it causes problems to the environment. China for example, had 235 million cars on the road in the year 2018 and that’s a huge amount of cars that pollute the environment, of which we have seen the effects on the climate change. Some households have more than two cars, which sometimes feels futile. To improve the situation for the environment, carsharing can provide some kind of solution. Such as roundtrip-carsharing - where you return the car to the point you have started. Or One-way carsharing, where you return the car at the point of destination.

This not only helps the environment, but also is more accessible for more people. Buying a car and spending money on fuel, is expensive. Shared mobility allows people in this example, to use cars to do their daily stuff, but not to have spend all the money that comes with buying a car. This could definitely help going forward.

Traffic jams will reduce

As previously said, there are a lot of cars on the road. Perhaps people use the car for distances they could bike or use another means of transportation. If shared mobility is set up right with a variety of different vehicles, we could reduce the traffic problem a little bit. With scooters and bicycles coming up in electronic forms, they could offer a solution and perhaps let commuters make a choice between a car and another type of transportation.

We think that shared mobility will prove to be something something of the near future. 2019 will be a very important year for the businesses and companies offering shared mobility, as the conscience of people regarding traffic and the environment is growing.

How do you think shared mobility will solve problems concerning traffic and pollution? We would love to know!