Light Electronic Mobility sharing with Zypp Makes Commuting Easier



E-mobility is the future, that’s something that has been frequently said by numerous experts. E-mobility focuses on many things, but it’s always very pleasing to see a concrete example of how it works in reality. This week, we at Bicle had a look at an e-scooter and its app: Zypp.

Mobycy, the company behind Zypp: making India more mobile

Mobycy is an Indian company that produces an app that makes it easier to access e-mobility solutions for a short distance in India. The company describes themselves as follows: “Mobycy is a disruptive E-bike, E-scooter and bicycle sharing technology platform to solve this last mile problem. Helps people cover a short distance without any wait at a very nominal cost. Mobycy is India’s first dock=less E-bike and bicycle sharing app. Just pick up an E-scooter or bicycle by scanning QR through the Mobycy app, ride and park it sensibly anywhere. Mobycy’s vision is to solve micro mobility (<5km) for the billion Indians with their electric scooter sharing app.”

Mobycy is of the opinion that their app has a lot of advantages that will make the customer want to use this app:

  1. Quick short commute: this app is developed for the people that need to travel short distances to work and to home again, without wanting expensive options such as the car or taking a taxi. Mobycy offers a solution with its e-scooter sharing app.
  2. It’s a green technology. The use of Mobycy is better for the environment in regards to conventional vehicles, as Mobycy uses e-scooters. There’s simply no pollution and that’s a great advantage.
  3. Less traffic. Mobycy contributes to the idea of less traffic because you don’t use cars as much. Less traffic leads to less chaos and overall safer feeling on the roads.
  4. Fitness. Due to the usage of cars and other vehicles, the overall stamina and fitness of people has declined over the last few decades. With an e-scooter, your fitness might improve and better health makes for a better person.

Zypp e-scooters

Mobycy do not only have an app, but they also have their own e-scooter. It’s called the Zypp. Mobycy describes Zypp as follows: “Zypp is an e-Scooter rental service by Mobycy to give you a safe, effortless experience of riding. These e-Scooters are smaller, custom-designed bikes which are better suited for Indian roads.” They continue explaining why Zypp is the right choice for you as an individual: “Zypp scooters are fitted with smart IoT locks. So, easily locate the available scooters in the vicinity from the Mobycy app and unlock them by scanning a QR code from the app. The app also informs you about the remaining battery and runtime of the scooters, so you can choose the best from them.” The rental service is combined with an app that offers a variety of data to the user, which enhances the mobility of the user.



What do you think of these kinds of e-scooter sharing apps? We at Bicle would love to know your thoughts! Let us know in the comments down below.