Stefan Reisinger: ‘‘why we are re-shaping the Eurobike brand profile.’’

Eurobike has always been known as 'the sporty bike-show'. But what is really driving the market today? Bicle in conversation with Mr. Eurobike himself - Stefan Reisinger - about the new focus on B2B and the bicycle industry's shift toward e-bikes.

''I think that the main impression people get looking at the new show is that it is completely different from what is was before. At first sight, it's very futuristic.''

Obviously, we noticed that you are kicking off with a new look and feel for Eurobike, and we have some questions about these interesting developments. What is the key driver behind starting the rethinking process for Eurobike’s brand profile? So, what developments or what events did trigger you to say: let’s do it right now, and let’s do it in this direction?

Of course, we are close to the bicycle market, and we realize and see that this market has shifted very strongly and quickly over the last years. Eurobike has still been, in the whole perception, a kind of the sporty bike-show—the heritage is in MTB. But what is really driving the market now, since last years, is bike and mobility. And we just have to make sure that also in the future Eurobike is ahead of what’s going on in the market. Therefore, we felt we had to invest in that kind of new look and feel for the show.

Looking at the timing, why did you decide to kick it off right now? Why didn’t you wait for it? Because we sense a kind of urgency.

Right now, we are in a process where we change a lot of things at the show. It starts with the timing—it’s the first time ever that the show is taking place early in July, which is a major shift. For the first time, we are focusing fully on B2B. There will be no consumer day for this year. That means, there are already a lot of changes going on. What is for sure is that the shift in the market towards e-bikes is getting momentum. We had the feeling that now is the right time to push that forward and to make use of that situation— where we have already a lot of changes with regard to the look and feel of the show.

Looking at this whole project of reshaping the brand-profile, what is the main objective of reshaping the brand profile and what are your expectations? And what kind of feedback do you expect from the market?

Well, of course, that it will be received well. So far it’s been communicated, but the advertisement campaign is going to start later on. More and more people will be aware that there is a new look and feel for the show. For sure, the main impression people get looking at the new show is that it is completely different from what it was before.

Looking at those differences, we read that the creative team was working on an open and futuristic design. Could you tell me what the key differences are in comparison with the former brand-profile? Not only technical—so from a design perspective—but also from an experience perspective; what will people experience differently?

What we did is that we took some external expertise on board. That is something you need to do if you want to reshape the brand. So, we had two experts working with us on that new market and communication experience. They both were very experienced working with brands and shaping brands—consumer brands, mainly. With them, we invested a lot of time and effort to think through the whole thing. We wanted to take a holistic approach, and together we created that new style for the show. And, of course, it is very different from what it was before. It is still the same name, it’s still the same logo—those didn’t change. But the way it’s now marketed is very different from what it was before. In the past, we were showing a kind of bike, or accessory, which was in the middle of the advertising campaign. And now it is more a visual aspect and something new. On your first look, it’s very futuristic.

That leads us to our next question: what inspired you for the new look and feel? Maybe another show concept, or from other industries? Was there a particular something that made you say: we have to go in this direction?

There was no inspiration from one source. During our workshop we took deep insight in what kind of communication and advertising is up to date and what is ahead of its time. That was, for sure, the inspiration for us.

Looking at digital. Our core-business at Bicle is being a digital platform, it is all about digital. Could you tell something about the role of digital within this new concept? How do you look at that one?

It is an important part of the whole shift and the whole conception for the show. We also have to be aware of the future of Eurobike. One part of that future is digital. It will—also in the future—be a show where people meet each other in reality, but the digital footprint of the whole Eurobike-brand has to be much bigger in the future than it is today. Digital is high on our agenda. It is important for the whole brand, but also for the whole bicycle market in the future.