Taipei Cycle Show, Daily Report Day 1: The Future is Smart

The rainy Wednesday morning in Taipei didn’t dampen the mood at the first day of the Taipei Cycle. The Taitra team did the organisational and logistics so well - registration was a breeze and we hopped onto the free shuttle to uncover the latest in IoT offerings at the exhibitors located at the TWTC. There, we spoke to some innovative companies that are shaping the world of smart cycling - and smart mobility.

Smart Urban Mobility Solution

One of the companies we spoke with was Cyqlo. In a lively conversation with Chema Lopez, Marketing Manager, we spoke on how their device, the Cyqlo bicycle computer, will help the rider drive smart. It’s a neat looking design with seven integrated functions in it. Besides the usual applications such as navigation and performance tracker, it includes a bike alarm and a camera to record the journey. This makes it not only a nice-to-have, but in some countries mandatory in case of an accident. The Cyqlo is connected to a mobile app, so all the functionalities can be monitored and the data can be stored and shared through the phone.

Optimizing Vehicle Management

Smart cycling is strongly developing. This does not only benefit the end user, but also OEMs and suppliers. IoT enables the manufacturer to collect data from the smart connected device, so he can monitor the performance and longevity of the product. Batteries, for example, can be connected to the smart grid. Controlled by a mobile app, it becomes fairly easy to track and send data from the battery, to the end user’s phone, to the manufacturer. It is all aimed at better vehicle management.


While IoT is the hallmark of radical or disruptive innovations, we were pleasantly surprised by a few exhibitors that provided excellent improvements to simple things we often take for granted. Traffic safety and safety of the rider were the focus of some of these companies.

High European Safety Requirement Standard

We chatted with Roger Hsu of HubbleVision Co., Ltd whose aim is to “revolutionize bicycle reflectors”. We are guilty of taking reflectors for granted and we were thoroughly impressed by his demonstration of the “flat, wide-angle reflectors” that his company produces. These tilted reflectors, designed to be firmly attached to a variety of bicycle frames, meet the highest requirements for reflectors. Roger hopes that more countries in the world will follow the German requirements for reflectors - StVZO Z. For him, safety is priority and having such a high standard is important to the safety of cyclists. Cyclists don’t have to worry about reflectors falling off and traffic users can spot cyclists on the road from a healthy distance.

Safe and Sound Bluetooth Helmet

Another clever innovation we came across was by Cycle Chris or better known by their brand Evolo and their award-winning Anti-Flat tape. A veteran in R&D and well-known provider of OEM/ODM - they are working on a prototype that integrates bluetooth capabilities into the bicycle helmet. You can connect your smartphone to your helmet and control the volume directly on the helmet. Can you imagine listening to your favorite music or taking calls while on your bike and not having your ears unblocked so that you can still keep an ear on your surroundings? Very nifty, we’d say! Their motivation was spurred on by improving a rider’s cycling journey without compromising their safety. We’re looking forward to see this clever innovation in stores next year. 

Bike Data to Enhance Vehicle Performance and Safety

Day one of Taipei Cycle 2018 brought tonnes of innovative initiatives. Taitra’s organization of devoting an entire hall to IoT is a clear signal that the industry is taking on and making steps into smart technologies. From parts to accessories and even apparels, we were met with innovative ideas that would not only see the possibility of gathering big data about cycling and cyclists, but also innovations that seek to improve traffic safety. In other words: bike data is the solution to the problem of live vehicle performance monitoring and safety issues.