Taipei Cycle Show, Daily Report Day 3: SMEs and Taiwan Excellence

Quality First, Taiwan SME Excellence

Besides the anchor big names such as Shimano, Giant, and Merida, at the Taipei Cycle Show this year there are plenty of SMEs on the show floor. Big or small, the attendees and exhibitors couldn’t help but remark on the rather low turnout. But low turnout didn’t equate to low spirits – not among the exhibitors that we visited.

SMEs are happy with the exposure

On our third day at the Taipei Cycle Show, the Bicle team spoke with several smaller businesses. Most of them are OEMs/ODMs and therefore belong to a very niche part within the bicycle industry.

Take your mountain or road bike with you

Biking holidays are no longer far-fetched – you can take your full-sized bicycle with you in the trunk of your car. Ms Alice Wu of Changebike presented to us their patented technology of folding mountain bike. Now, we know that folding bikes are a special niche in itself – so seeing a full-sized mountain bike being folded into something so portable without compromising the frame was pretty neat. From protecting the chain-wheel to being able to roll when folded, Changebike’s patented design makes it the lightest 26” folding bike and the only folding frame that satisfies Europe’s stringent MTB frame safety test.

Changebike 100% made-in-Taiwan folding bicycles focused on enabling sport enthusiasts to take their mountain or road bike with them anywhere. Naturally they are well aware of the fast-rising trend of e-bikes and are now studying the evolution of e-bikes and seeing how they can apply their smart patented designs to fold e-bikes.  

High quality city cruisers and cargo trikes

We also spoke with Cheng Yi Bicycle who is also a player in the niche of folding bikes. Their focus is more on the city-dweller who wants to carry their bicycles with ease when commuting in the city. Targeting also female riders with their low-step folding city bikes, Cheng Yi Bicycle sees a new addition, Mr. Lun, a third-generation family member. It’s on this ambitious young chap to look at ways to carve out a new niche in the industry where big players and e-bikes dominate. For now, they are most renowned for their stylish city bikes and their up and coming cargo trikes.

E-bike innovations sees innovation in bike tools and accessories?

With over 20 years of expertise in manufacturing bike tools and various bicycle spare parts, Ray Cheng Tool Industrial Co., Ltd. offers good quality and reasonable prices on all the tools you need for your bicycle. While their tools are definitely a need for bicycle aficionados, Mr. Clark Lin is closely observing e-bikes on the market – will he need to produce new types of bike tools?

High Price Point

In his opinion, the high price of e-bikes is the highest barrier to quick adoption in Taiwan, especially when e-scooters are available at a lower price point. So for now, he’s just keeping his eye on the e-bike market.

On the other hand, Mr. Wu, general manager of ZENO, a bicycle parts manufacturers, is already looking at how he needs to tweak his disc brakes and other components to support and ensure the safety of e-bikes. ZENO has over 30 years of experience. While he’s been lately focusing on selling directly to bicycle DIY-enthusiasts, he’s been supplying to bigger companies as well. So you might be using ZENO products.

Quality First, Taiwan Excellence

Being small does not mean any less passion. Many of the companies we spoke with are family-run businesses. The SMEs we spoke with recognize themselves as specialists in the various niche industries. There is an incredible amount of pride in what they do, and we are glad that the initiative of Taiwan Excellence as a national brand will help boost their businesses.