Taipei plays the ponies on shareable electric mobility

By: Arnauld Hackmann

Taipei (TW) – Taipei’s municipality published a white paper online in which the city shows that it is going to make a serious attempt in creating a cleaner and more eco-friendly city. One part consists of an endeavor in sharing electric mobility.

The White Paper shows that the policy for 2018-2022 is paying serious attention to water recycling, energy optimization, ecosystem improvement, zero waste, sustainable housing, industrial innovation and last but not least, shared mobility.

In the introduction of the Circular Taipei Implementation Plan is stated that in order to gain more balance between economic growths, a sustainable environment a good life quality, the concept of a circular economy has gotten top-priority, when it comes to planning for a long-term urban developing area. As Capitol of financial and business development in Taiwan, Taipei is at the frontline of maintaining a sustainable urban development, by creating a healthy environment for its inhabitants.

13.072 Sharing Bikes

In this plan electric mobility is used to stimulate public transportation under Taipei’s citizens by offering transportation services. These are built to facilitate commuters. YouBike is an electronic and automated rental-system of public sharing bikes. There are 400 stations that provide 13.072 bikes. To complement the ride’s first and last kilometers, Taipei has a cycling path network of 592 kilometer. In order to allow a maximum speed of 30km/h, the paths will be improved and cleaned. Also, there are plans to implement cycling lanes up to 20 meters broad on the pedestrian.

Free Cycling

The municipalities of both Taipei City and New Taipei have combined forces to launch a monthly subscription that enables people to limitlessly use public transportation – e.g. bus and metro – in both cities. These card holders are moreover able to ride a bike for free for the first 30 minutes every time they rent a YouBike. On ‘Green Friday’ citizens are encouraged to use green transportation in trade for free coffee and so called Green Points. With these measurements the municipalities hope to grow green public transport from 63, 6% in 2018 to 70% in 2022.

Biggest Network

Moreover, electrical sharing scooters will be deployed: thousand scooters in eleven districts, making it the biggest network in Asia. In this, WeMo scooter is partnering up. Also, the usage of electrical cars will be heavily stimulated. Charging points in 80 public parking spaces and 200 charging points in other public spaces will be installed for sharing cars services and owners of electrical cars. To encourage these initiatives, plans are to make the charging free-of-charge up until a 1000 cars are registered in Taipei.