Taiwan exports the most E-bikes to the Netherlands

TAIPEI (TW) – Cycling country the Netherlands is and stays an important export market for the Taiwanese cycling industry. The Netherlands are the number one country to import the E-bikes with 50.000, followed by the United States (37.000), Germany (28.000), the United Kingdom (15.000) and Slovenia (11.000).

Taitra-President Walter Yeh during the press conference at Taipei Cycle 2018

Taitra-president Walter Yeh: “Taipei CYCLE 2018 will be the centre of smart producing and a new generation of technologies.''

During the pressconferece, with the Taipei Cycle Show coming fast (31 October t/m 3 November) an update was given of the number of the Taiwanese cycling market. Based on facts of the department of Finance in the periode January-september 2018, the exportvalue has grown with 14.3% in comparison with the same period last year, despite the volume going down 6.9%.

Globally, the United States are the biggest export market voor bicycles from Taiwan with a total of 394.000 ($330.9), followed by the Netherlands with 197.000 ($174.1) and the United Kingdom with 169.000 ($80,5). Japan follows on a distance with 98.000 ($53,8) complete bicycles. Thanks to the expansion of the capacity of the production, the export of e-bikes has grown in volume with 47,93% and in value with 51,84%. The export of parts has grown as well: 4,05% in volume and 14,9% in value.


In Europe, the Netherlands and the Unted Kingdom remain the important markets for Taiwan. If you leave units out of the equation, then the European export list - from high to low – is as follows: Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Belgium and Poland. A remarkable thing is that the average unitprice, which globally lies at $ 685, in Europe only is exceeded by the Netherlands ($ 880) and Belgium ($890). In the rest of the world the export of Taiwain has mainly grown mainly in Japan, Australia, China and South-Korea.The numbers confirm that the cyclingindustry in Taiwain is and stays a big player on the internation stage.